2019-10-13 Telecoms in US want to keep info about grid private.

 1)   In the US, telecoms are trying to keep specifics about their 5G grids private, withheld from the public, asserting it’s premature, even though they are busy putting the microcells out there. They also have misled the FCC (apparently) about using these cell transmitters to expand the 4G and 3G service areas without having to notify residents or community councils. What all is being hidden from the public if they are refusing to share this info from the regulators, the FCC?

AT&T and other carriers want to hide detailed 5G maps from FCC and public

 “AT&T and other mobile carriers are trying to hide detailed 5G maps from the public despite constantly touting the supposed pace and breadth of their 5G rollouts.

With the Federal Communications Commission planning to require carriers to submit more accurate data about broadband deployment, AT&T and the mobile industry’s top lobby group are urging the FCC to exclude 5G from the upgraded data collection.

“There is broad agreement that it is not yet time to require reporting on 5G coverage,” AT&T told the FCC in a filing this week….

 But CTIA said requiring more than that would be “premature” because “industry consensus is still emerging around how best to measure the deployment of this still-nascent technology.” Verizon also told the FCC in September that “adoption of standardized parameters is premature” for 5G.”


2)   BC Hydro is shutting off power for homes without knowing if doing so would endanger the people living in them —  whether they have medical devices that run on electricity, or if they might need to call a fire truck, ambulance, or a doctor — but can’t because their digital phones are dead. This is deliberate endangerment of health and safety. In the US, PG&E turned off power to reduce chance of wildfires during wind storms, and a man died within minutes.

Oxygen-dependent California man dies 12 minutes after PG&E cuts power to his home.

“A Northern California man dependent on an oxygen supply died Wednesday, shortly after power cuts by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. affected his home, fire officials said Friday.

Robert Mardis, 67, died roughly 12 minutes after PG&E cut power to his home and the surrounding area. An autopsy report concluded the man died of severe coronary artery atherosclerosis, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Fire personnel responded to a call around 3:40 a.m. and found Mardis unresponsive on the floor of his home, according to El Dorado County Interim Fire Chief Lloyd Ogan. He was found wearing a nasal cannula, used to deliver oxygen to the nose, and was hooked up to a PPAP machine for that purpose. Mardis’ family told Fox 40 he couldn’t reach his battery-powered tank in time.”


3)  After all of the studies showing that children are especially vulnerable to microwave radiation, after having been sent so many reports, after pleas from teachers about kids being distracted, and after the recent study showing that the radiation of 90% of cell phones tested emit excessive levels of RF (up to 11 times the dangerously high levels allowed by Health Canada), why are the schools in BC still allowing cell phones to be used in classrooms?

Please share with parents, teachers and school boards. [http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/schools/bcmap.htm]

We want to know why BC is not banning cell phones and personal devices in our schools?


4)  He who pays the piper calls the tune applies to scientific studies. For years, we’ve been fighting WHO and Health Canada because they consider the number of studies showing that there is no evidence of harm significant. If there are more showing no harm than show harm, they say that there is no consistent evidence, or the overwhelming evidence is that wireless devices are safe. They never ponder — if something is safe, would there really be excellent studies showing otherwise?  Industry funds studies and gets the results they want. Dr. Henry Lai did a study that showed that when industry funds the studies, about 70% show no harm. But when the studies are independent, about 70% show harm.

Industry funding skews EMF research results

 “A recent paper from Prof. David Carpenter, MD on extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF EMF) from 50 to 60 Hz electricity shows that the source of funding plays a major role in study results.  Almost all industry-supported studies ‘fail to find any significant or even suggestive association’ between magnetic field exposure and childhood leukaemia.  Not surprisingly, ‘it is clear that almost all government or independent studies find either a statistically significant association between magnetic field exposure and childhood leukemia, or an elevated risk…’.

 Carpenter states that ‘When one allows for bias reflected in source of funding, the evidence that magnetic fields increase risk of cancer is neither inconsistent nor inconclusive’ (SSMA emphasis).”


Abstract of Dr. Carpenter’s paper:  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0013935119304852


Please note the email address for Glenda Luymes, the reporter who wrote one of the articles about BC Hydro cutting power. It is:  gluymes@postmedia.com  instead of  gluymes@vancouversun.com

From: mary lowther  (name given with permission)

To: gluymes@postmedia.com

Cc: Sharon Noble <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>

Sent: October 12, 2019

Subject: Hydro holdouts

Dear Ms. Gluymes,

I was a holdout, paying my extra $30 a month to keep my analog electric meter, until I received a $65 bill for a “failed installation” and was told that they would keep coming every day to install a smart meter and I’d be charged $65 for each time they came and I wouldn’t let them install one.

I cannot afford the cost and cannot afford to have my hydro cut off, so now I’ve got one of those darn things hanging on my bedroom wall.  I’ve read the specs on how these wireless electrical devices are probably carcinogenic, and I feel like I’m being railroaded by a government who couldn’t give a darn about me.  In fact, I think they’re trying to hasten my death, but not all at once.  Oh no, they’d prefer me to get ill and have to spend my last earnings on health care.  They’d love me to get a reverse mortgage, lose my house and become penniless before I croak.

Corporations have such a stranglehold on world leaders that even the World Health Organization fired Dr. Olle Johansson who was on the board that determined the classification of electromagnetic frequency radiation that wireless devices like smart meters emit.

He believed that a moratorium should be placed on these wireless devices until they’ve been proven safe.  He thinks it is immoral for governments to expose the unwary public to these devices.


Mary Lowther


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

 “When there is a doubt, when it comes to our children, there is no doubt.”     Haifa’s mayor, Yona Yahav


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