2019-06-17 Quebecers should inspect smeters every 5 years, pay $1000

1) Update on presentations by Dr. Pall.

July 5 — Bowen Island where there will be a potluck at 5:30pm followed by a presentation at 7:00pm.  At Bowen Island Cove Commons at the Bowen Island Library, 430 Bowen Island Truck Rd.

Contact for more information or to volunteer: info@hempcrete.ca


2)  Microwave News has some US military studies which I believe were provided by Zory Glaser to Dr. Magda Havas after they were declassified. These go back 45 years and more –– the military knew that exposure to microwave radiation caused biological effects. Why are we still having to prove that wireless devices are dangerous???

4 U.S. military studies that prove biological effects do happen with non-ionizing radiation

Microwave – and other forms of electromagnetic – radiation are major (but conveniently disregarded, ignored, and overlooked) factors in many modern unexplained disease states. Insomnia, anxiety, vision problems, swollen lymph, headaches, extreme thirst, night sweats, fatigue, memory and concentration problems, muscle pain, weakened immunity, allergies, heart problems, and intestinal disturbances are all symptoms found in a disease process the Russians described in the 70’s as Microwave Sickness.


3)    Resistance in Europe is growing with many areas banning 5G until research has been done to prevent more harm. But in the US and Canada the federal agencies are ramming 5G through, ignoring legal rights as well as health concerns. Municipalities, towns and cities are facing loss of authority over what is put on their property, and the public is losing the right to be notified and consulted. This egregious disregard for the environment and future generations has to stop.

One lawyer in Quebec believes legal action, perhaps international action, might be the only way to bring sanity to the situation.  But will it be too late?

5G Resistance 

Concern grows over European rollout

 Resistance to 5G is rapidly increasing, especially in Europe where many are unwilling to roll over for a 5G rollout. Fifth generation wireless threatens to massively increase electromagnetic radiation, affecting people and the planet

Charles O’Brien, a lawyer familiar with Rogers vs. Chateauguay court history, told me by email that federal jurisdiction over telecommunications “is certainly not unbounded. Its exercise should respect the ‘Public Trust Doctrine’ as well as the Canadian and Quebec Charters,” which “guarantee the right to life, security of person, privacy, and the rights of the handicapped. The Quebec Charter further protects flora and fauna. The telecommunications power may not justify radiation poisoning of humans and the environment. That would also breach the Radiation Emitting Devices Act, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

But for Canadians, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and constitutional right to privacy may be most pertinent in challenging 5G.


4) An engineer in Quebec who has been fighting smeters for a long time, knowing that they are fire hazards, continues the battle in Quebec. It is being recommended that homeowners inspect the smeters (which belong to the utility) every 5 years to make sure they are as safe as possible. The cost will be $1,000 paid for by the homeowner. This is an admission by the utility that these things are not safe, certainly not as safe or reliable as the trusty glass and metal analog.  So far, I am not aware of a similar recommendation by BC Hydro or FortisBC but, instead, I expect they are replacing the smeters because the lifespan is 5-7 years. A never-ending cost either way.

Here are some of his letters:

June 5, 2019

Dear Mr. Premier,

The attached letter shows that the master electricians believe that Hydro-Quebec’s new plastic electricity meters are much more dangerous than the previous ones. Ever since the new “smart meters” were installed throughout the province the master electricians have “invited” the public to have their plastic meter installations inspected every 5 years. The previous mechanical meter installations (which are made mostly of metal and did not burn) only needed to be inspected every 25 years.

The cost of a brand new meter is about $70, but the cost of its inspection can exceed $1,000 each time, every 5 years, for the life of these dangerous meters.

The inspection cost is therefore prohibitive.  4 million Quebec home and apartment owners must pay $4 billion every 5 years for the inspections. Otherwise their fire insurance may not cover the losses for a house fire caused by a burning electricity meter.

Hydro-Quebec promised us that the new meters would be installed for free. If 4 million customers have to pay $4 billion every 5 years, then 4 million voters will be extremely unhappy. The excessive inspection cost for all customers, rich and poor, is not acceptable but the poor will not be able to afford them and may be forced to live in constant terror that their house is set on fire.

There is no doubt that such inspection costs will result in court actions/class actions to recover the costs from Hydro-Quebec. The expense of such lawsuits may result in further unpopular electricity rate increases.

  1. Legault, please compel Hydro-Québec to recall and upgrade the unsafe plastic electricity meters which can burn and emit toxic gases before someone in Quebec is injured or killed.

Yours truly,

(Thomas) Tobber, ing. (name given with permission)


Aug 5, 2018

  1. Eric Martel, President, et les

Membres du Conseil d’Administration

Hydro-Québec, Montréal

Dear M. Martel and Membres du Conseil,

On their website, at: http://compteurs.hydroquebec.com/questions-reponses/technologie/risque-incendie-compteurs-nouvelle-generation, Hydro-Québec categorically states that their new-generation electricity meters do not burn (Attachment 1), and implies that Measurement Canada has approved the meters for safety. From there – via 1 click – the reader is redirected to the website of the master electricians of Quebec at: https://www.cmeq.org/entrepreneurs-electriciens/actualites/fiche-dactualite/la-securite-electrique-il-faut-y-voir/ with whom Hydro-Québec has a very close relationship.

The master electricians – who know electricity meters much better than anyone else because they have the monopoly to install and service them – tell us that meter installations do in fact burn. Using a fire in the meter housing of a Montréal area residence as an example, the electricians tell us that in order to avoid such fires we need to have our meter installations inspected by a master electrician every five years.

It is impossible to ‘see’ electricity and in the same way it is impossible to ‘see’ contact resistance. A visual inspection of the meter contacts (which are the source of arcing that can ignite the plastic meters) is therefore not sufficient. Instead, after the electrician has unplugged the meter, the contacts underneath it have to be manually cleaned and burnished and/or treated to prevent corrosion. On average, the master electricians want to be paid $300 for this work, including travel time and taxes.

Unplugging the meter and removing it in order to clean the meter contacts and verify the contact forces means that the electrician will be working on a ‘live’ electrical circuit. Not on the usual 120 V circuit, but on the much more dangerous 240 V circuit under the meter (the danger goes up exponentially with the voltage). But according to the Loi sur la santé et sécurité du travail (LSST) master electricians are not allowed to work on live circuits if that is possible. Consequently Hydro-Québec has to come and cut the power lines at the Hydro pole and then reconnect them after the electrician has completed his inspection work.

Of course there will always be electricians who put their lives in danger by working on live circuits and  naturally they want to be paid more for such dangerous work. But no responsible home-owner wants their electrician to be electrocuted, and besides, if the electrician is injured on his property, the owner may be sued for contributory negligence. He will therefore have no choice but to pay Hydro Quebec $750.00 to de-energize their power lines to his house and then re-connect them.

$300.00 + $750.00 = $1050.00. That’s a lot of money out of our pocket every 5 years. Money for which we did not budget, and money with which we cannot buy the things we need! And this year (2018) is 5 years after the first installation of new meters (in 2013), so about a million of us will have to reach into our pockets and hand over that first installment of $1050.00 for meters we were told were free.

And no, this is not just a bad joke! Look at the website of the electricians: – it’s one inspection every five years. Call a master electrician: – he wants $250 plus taxes. Read the LSST: – no work on live circuits. Look at the tariffs on the website of the Régie de l’énergie: – you’ll have to pay Hydro-Québec $750. And since every home/apartment owner has to pay the $1050.00, this is like a new municipal tax that Hydro-Québec is not authorized to impose.

We’ve never had to have our meters inspected before. But now that Hydro-Québec has put combustible plastic meters that can out-gas poisonous fumes when they overheat into our meter housing, the meter installation has become much more dangerous and so must be inspected frequently.

And what if you take a chance and just skip the costly inspections? Well, if your house is set on fire by a burning plastic meter owned by Hydro-Québec, the company can say that it’s all your fault because you did not do the required maintenance inspection! The house insurance companies will recognize the danger and may then require five-year inspections or else they will not pay for fire damages.

But the best part is that the electricians do not guarantee that there will be no meter fires or overheating during the five years between inspections. They do not appear to have carried out any long term scientific research which shows that once-every-five-year inspections are sufficient. Electrolytic corrosion in a CO2 polluted condensing atmosphere inside the meter housing can proceed very quickly. Even three-year inspections may not be enough and we may have to pay $1050.00 every year just to be 100% safe.

And it gets even better when you add it all up. 3.8 million meters times $1050.00 comes to $4 billion! That’s how much we, the customers, will have to pay every five years for a smart meter project that was to cost Hydro-Québec $1.0 billion and was expected to earn $200 million for the company. What kind of financial arithmetic is that?  Even in the very best case scenario where all of us have to find a master electrician with suicidal tendencies who will do the job for $300, the customers pay $1.14 billion (every five years) so that Hydro-Québec can make $200 million (one time). In both scenarios we will be paying for 1400 additional electricians so that Hydro-Québec could eliminate about 700 meter reader jobs. It’s impossible to understand why the high-priced executives at Hydro-Québec and the Regie de l’energie couldn’t figure this out beforehand.

The root cause of the problem here is that Hydro-Québec led the Régie to believe that the new meters were a one-for-one replacement of the old ones. But the new meters are made of plastic, and plastic in the meter box makes the meter installation much more dangerous than it was before. The danger is the likelihood of more and bigger meter box fires (and toxic/explosive gases) leading to property damage and injuries and then to expensive lawsuits/class action lawsuits. That danger can be mitigated by frequent inspections of the meter contacts, or by upgrading the meters with an inexpensive smart circuit breaker that automatically shuts off the current before a fire can start.

Unfortunately Hydro-Québec has chosen the unbelievably expensive first alternative, presumably because the customer has to pay for this solution. By copy of this letter to all opposition MNA’s and to the cabinet ministers, I’m asking the government to stop this financial disaster that will make us all poorer. The government must compel Hydro-Québec to pay for the endless inspections.

But we the customers would really like a recall and an upgrade of the meters to make them safe. We want to be able to sleep soundly in our beds and not have to worry about a meter fire burning our houses to the ground – with our family inside.

Please watch only 30 seconds of


Yours truly,

(Thomas) Tobber, ing.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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