2019-05-25 Major European insurer warns one of top threats is 5G

1)  Meeting in Maple Ridge, Thursday, May 30, 2019  7:00 pm

     5G Antennas in Maple Ridge?

     Fibre Optic vs.  Small Cells,  Connected Community-Owned Broadband 

     Maple Ridge City Hall,  Council Chambers

     11995 Haney Place

Here are some flyers and posters if people would like to help promote this meeting:  



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2)  Educating people about what is happening is difficult, but the approach Portland 5G resisters are taking is appealing.

5G cell tower critics post ‘health warning’ signs

“Portland city leaders and residents alike are worried about the 5G cell towers set to go up in the region.  

The Richmond neighborhood is the future site of a 5G small cell tower installation.  

Smaller cells can fit on light poles and are in the works nationwide to eventually provide 5G service that’s 20 times faster than 4G. 

Signs have recently appeared around the neighborhood, opposing the project and claiming the installation presents a public health risk.



Here are links to various flyers and posters that could be put on posts, handed out in summer markets or churches, etc.  More will be put on our webpage.

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/more/5g-enodeb-microcells-small-cells/    (scroll down to “Handouts & Signs“)


3)  Industry is planning on using a broader spectrum which includes using milliwaves as a basis for 5G. These higher frequencies produce waves that are shorter and less powerful, unable to penetrate as well as the longer waves of lower frequencies. That is one of the reasons that microcell “towers” are being put on poles that are very close together and close to homes. They are interfered with by rain and leaves, for example. To overcome this problem, phased array antennae, which join the signals into a strong beam, will be used. The health effects of these strong beamed signals are thought to be great and grave — yet this technology is being planned to proliferate throughout our neighbourhoods without and before research has been done. Just as with cell phones, etc., corporate profit is being put above our health and the health of our environment.

These are questions that must be asked of Telus when they begin to put fibre topic cable in neighbourhoods which is shortly followed by microcells, or of any telecom when new cell towers are proposed: Will there be phased array antennae?  Where will the phased array antennae be located?  I strongly encourage the question be asked in writing so that any response will be written – for the record.


Guest Blog: “Can 5G phased array antennas generate Brillouin precursors?” by Don Maisch

 “A Brillouin precursor is a very fast pulse of radiation, which when it enters the human body, may generate a burst of energy that can travel much deeper than predicted by conventional models.

In a Microwave News interview with Professor Kurt Oughstun he explained how Brillouin precursors are generated by phased array radar antennas…

It must be pointed out that no research has been carried out on Brillouin precursor creation with 5G phased array antennas – but it looks like a distinct possibility, considering the download speeds, which are implicated with the creation of Brillouin precursors.”


5G Phased Array Antennas Directed Beams – http://www.ozeninc.com/industry-solutions/antenna-design/

5G and Phased Arrays by Arthur Firstenburg



A Beam-Steering Antenna for 5G Mobile Phones

“For the first time, a beam-steering antenna is integrated into the metal casing of a mobile phone”



4)  Major insurers refuse to insure corporations or individuals (e.g. people who lease land for cell towers) against lawsuits/claims associated with health claims due to EMR.  Swiss Re, a major European insurer, highlights the many problems (in addition to health risks) with 5G technology, which could lead to future liability.

SONAR 2019: New emerging risk insights

The top five emerging risks in our SONAR 2019 report are digital technology’s clash with legacy hardware, potential threats from the spread of 5G mobile networks, increasingly limited fiscal and monetary flexibility by central banks, genetic testing’s implications on life insurers, and the impact of climate change on the life and health sector. 


Off the leash – 5G mobile networks 

Potential impacts:

  • Cyber exposures are significantly increased with 5G, as attacks become faster and higher in volume. This increases the challenge of defence.
  • Growing concerns of the health implications of 5G may lead to political friction and delay of implementation, and to liability claims. The introductions of 3G and 4G faced similar challenges.
  • Information security and national sovereignty concerns might delay implementation of 5G further, increasing uncertainty for planning authorities, investors, tech companies and insurers.
  • Heated international dispute over 5G contractors and potential for espionage or sabotage could affect international cooperation, and impact financial markets negatively.
  • As the biological effects of EMF in general and 5G in particular are still being debated, potential claims for health impairments may come with a long latency.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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