2019-05-07 German activist — the digitized world could be deadly, and we’re not being told.

1)  May 15 is approaching and so far, I know of no rally planned in BC.  I know people care and are concerned. This link provides all sorts of info including ideas for getting started. If there can’t be a rally on May 15 — when?  Going to a public place can get attention by people walking by, a chance to get media to cover it and speak about the issue, perhaps for the first time. Don’t limit your signs to health, what about the effects on the environment?  The fact that wireless uses more energy than wired? The fact that privacy is invaded — that is the plan for the “smart city”, “smart cars. What about cybersecurity which is a huge problem when anything wireless is connected to the internet.

Please let me know if you are organizing an event or know of one so that I can share with others.



2)  Anke Kern is a German activist who explains how industry and the governments are lying to us about the dangers of this digitized world. There is a video available in a couple of other languages and there is also a transcript. A member has highly recommended this. The video is 1hr. 28 min. long.

 “Digitalized into a radiant future – dead certain!

“Digitalization and mobile communications are issues everyone is talking about these days. They polarize strongly. Is this technology a blessing or a curse? Must progress prevail at last over the die-hard conservatives who would still prefer to use the “bush drum”. Or are the progressive forces consistently hiding the hazards? In her lecture Anke Kern gives an insight into her 15 years of research. She gives a closer look at facts that are consistently kept hidden from the public. People need to know these facts in order to be able to deal with this technology and to draw the right conclusions.”


I have read only the first 12 pages of the transcript, but I find this fascinating. A sample of the information she shares — this from page 11:

“Namely in 1968 the US government had been asked by scientists and physicians to realize a study about the electromagnetic environmental contamination. In 1968! And the report came out in 1971. And I quote this one sentence: Quote: “If in near future appropriate precautions and controls are not introduced, based on a fundamental understanding of the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, in the coming decades the human world will enter an era of ecological contamination by energy, which can be compared to the chemical contamination of the environment of today”. 



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.” Ben Franklin

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