Update 2019-05-04 – Flyers, signs and posters for 5G rally

1) Below in Letters is a reminder from Dr. Ronald Powell that May 15 is “International” 5G Day of Action. He has included links to flyers, signs, and posters that could be handed out at markets, schools, churches, etc. We need to raise awareness about 5G and these could help a lot.

Last week, I sent this article from Dr. Powell who, prior to retirement, was a researcher for the US government.


I have yet to hear of any plans for rallies in BC.  Please let me know if you are planning one or know of one so that I can share. If May 15 doesn’t work for you, then consider another day — a special day of protest, of getting attention.

2)  A group in Australia, Environment and Community Safe from Radiation, has some very interesting material on their website. It says that it is comprised of an international group of medical doctors, attorneys, engineers, scientists, etc. who are concerned about making their environment safe from EMR.

There are many excellent papers and letters including the one below which is a Legal Notice of Request”  to the Minister of Education in South Wales presenting evidence that Wi-Fi in schools is putting students and teachers at risk. The legal obligation is that once notified of a danger, measures must be taken to mitigate it or else the individual can be held responsible.

In Canada, most School Trustees are covered with insurance that prevents them from being sued so long as they are “acting in good faith”. But if an individual is presented with credible evidence that harm is possible or has occurred and nothing is done, then might the insurance be void? The person could be said to not be acting in good faith. This is an argument that, as far as I know, has not been presented. But perhaps it’s time to try.



3)  In the US, people continue to raise awareness of the problems associated with smeters. The first letter is from Michigan where, in many, if not all parts, the ITRON smeter is being installed. The second is from Oregon.

I question the answers provided because, in many places, the utility removes the smeter before an inspection can be done. Here in BC and Quebec, Inspectors have complained that they are unable to do their jobs because either the smeter is completely destroyed (because it’s combustible) or the utility removes it and doesn’t leave it at the scene, which is illegal under the regulations.

Notice the responder did not deny that smeter fires had occurred. But he did imply that analogs could also cause fires. Professional Electrical Engineers have told me this is impossible. During my investigation of smeter fires, I asked several Fire Commissioners and utilities, including the ones in BC, if there had ever been a fire caused by an analog and they could not tell me of one such incident ever.

Meters neither safe nor smart


I saw your recent story about a mobile home fire in Medford and wondered if, during fire investigations, smart meters are ever considered as the cause.



From: Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D. <ronpowell@verizon.net>
Sent: May 4, 2019

Subject: Join Nationwide Rallies, Wednesday, May 15, to Oppose 5G “Small Cell” Towers in Front of Our Homes, including Here in Maryland

May 4, 2019

Join Nationwide Rallies, Wednesday, May 15, to Oppose 5G “Small Cell” Towers in Front of Our Homes, including Here in Maryland

From:  Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D.
Montgomery Village, MD

Telecommunications companies are actively deploying new 5G cell towers up and down residential streets in our nation, including here in Maryland.  These 5G cell towers spew radiofrequency radiation 24/7 into our neighborhoods.  This deployment is continuing despite studies by the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, and biomedical researchers worldwide that have linked cellular radiation to cancer and to many other adverse health effects.  Everyone is at risk, but our children are especially vulnerable because they are still developing.

The wealthy telecom companies have powerful allies in government at all levels, but public opposition is growing and is beginning to be noticed by government.  5G can be stopped, but only if the public acts.  If you do NOT want one of these cell towers in front of your home, irradiating you night and day, threatening your health, and depreciating the value of your property, you need to speak up.  Once that cell tower is installed in front of your home, it is too late, as it already is in some neighborhoods in Maryland.

You can learn more, talk to other concerned residents, and voice your opinion at rallies around the Nation on Wednesday, May 15.  That day has been selected as the National 5G Day of Action.

MARYLAND is participating.  The Maryland rally will be held on Wednesday, May 15 outside the Verizon store in Bethesda, MD 20815 at 6932 Wisconsin Avenue from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm.  Alert your friends, family, and neighbors.  Forward this message to anyone you wish.

Want to know more about the National 5G Day of Action? 

The National 5G Day of Action has been planned by Americans For Responsible Technology.  This special day calls on the wireless companies (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile) and their sub-contractors (Crown Castle, ExteNet Systems and other antenna installers) to suspend the deployment of small cell wireless antennas in residential neighborhoods until such time as chronic exposure to 5G radiofrequency (RF) microwave radiation can be proven completely safe.

The coordinated events will take place in cities and towns across the country from 12 noon to 1:30 pm (local time) on WednesdayMay 15th. The purpose of these events is to raise public awareness of the issue through media coverage, and to place the burden of responsibility where it belongs:  on those who stand to profit from the deployment of 5G.

Want to know more about 5G from great sources?

We can stop 5G, but only with your help.


Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D.
20316 Highland Hall Drive
Montgomery Village, MD  20886-4007
United States of America
E-mail: ronpowell@verizon.net
Tel: (301) 926-7568


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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