2019-04-16 BC hearings re. children with “neuro-needs”

1)  A provincial Select Committee on Children and Youth will be holding hearings in various venues across BC in May 21 – June 4 and is asking for people to present concerns and ideas about children with “neuro-diverse” needs. This opens an opportunity for people with children who are sensitive to Wi-Fi, for example, and have trouble going to school, to discuss the situation. Or how autistic children are affected by exposure to wireless radiation.

How can assessment and eligibility processes for children and youth with neuro-diverse (e.g.: ASD, FASD, Developmental Delay) special needs be improved?


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2)  Even though Dr. Arazi found many smart phones to be emitting radiation at levels far in excess of guidelines, there have been no legal actions until now. Xiaomi is charged with having 23 models that exceed the allowed limits. 

Phonegate: criminal complaint against Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi

“As such, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is the first smartphone officially singled out in France and Europe for not respecting the exposure threshold aimed at protecting the health and safety of users to the waves emitted by the device at the head (thermal effects)…

“It is in view of ANFR’s inertia that this action against the manufacturer comes to light, even though the regulator had noted multiple violations. The solutions adopted so far to comply with the rule of law are not satisfactory, as they lead to the creation of other offences. It is time for the judicial authority to intervene to enforce the law.  By marketing non-compliant mobile phones, Xiaomi is accused of three offences: deception, misleading commercial practice and finally, endangering the lives of others.”


3)  Investigators in the US are charging the telecoms/FCC with corruption and deception resulting in higher rates, unfulfilled contracts, conniving to force everyone to use wireless vs. landline phones, etc. They also claim that 5G is a ploy to get around regulations (even the weak ones currently in force).  Could the telecoms and ISED be guilty of the same deception here in Canada?

IRREGULATORS vs. FCC: Exposing One of the Largest Accounting Scandals in American History. 

“The IRREGULATORS are planning on appealing a recent FCC decision that tries to bury one of the largest accounting scandals in American history. It is directly tied to AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink’s state-based utilities…

… 5G Is a Bait and Switch. This is just another play to remove all regulations, preempt state laws and charge more money. Anyone who thinks that these companies are going to put in fiber optics for a small cell wireless service, with a range of 1–2 city blocks — is delusional. Moreover, in-region, it appears that these wires are being cross-subsidized and charged to local phone customers via the utility construction budgets.”


4)   Huge sale of milliwave spectrum planned for Dec. by US FCC which will facilitate immediate activation of 5G microcells. Here is an admission that the plan is to get around rules that apply to cell towers now. The fiber optic cable, like the cable being “offered” by Telus, will be the backbone of this wireless grid.

White House Describes Its 5G Initiative

“Central to this effort is a new spectrum auction that would allocate 3400 megahertz of spectrum in 3-millimeter wave bands. Those bands are the upper portion of 37 GHz, 39 GHz and 47 GHz. The order establishing the incentive auction also allocates 100 MHz sections of each band in an overall band plan for spectrum use above 24 GHz. These 100 MHz chunks of spectrum provide significant bandwidth for the high-speed and low-latency services envisioned by the FCC and the wireless industry…

Pai outlined how the FCC is proceeding in his White House remarks. “First, we’re freeing up spectrum,” he explained. “We finished our first 5G spectrum auction in January, and we’re holding a second right now that’s already generated almost $2 billion in bids.”

“Second, we’re making it easier to install wireless infrastructure,” Pai said, explaining that the old rules for cell towers don’t really apply to the antennas for 5G, which he said would be the size of a pizza box.

“Third, we’ve taken action to encourage the deployment of optical fiber. That’s because 5G isn’t just about wireless.” Pai said that a significant growth in fiber backhaul will be necessary for 5G to work. “Last year, fiber was deployed to more new locations than in any year before.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We’ve arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands *anything* about science and technology.

And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces.”   

Carl Sagan, 1996



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