2019-03-30 Money managers promoting Chinese 5G

1)  Many of us have found ourselves lecturing to people about the dangers of their “smart” phones or Wi-Fi routers.  Blank faces, disinterest, or anger are common reactions because people like their gadgets and don’t want to be told they are dangerous. Here are some good recommendations from a good communicator about how to get people to listen to you.

Unlocking the door: How to successfully get through to people about wireless radiation.

“For years I have been talking to people about the risks of wireless radiation. People who already “get it” are an easy audience. They nod and agree vehemently. But conversing with people who are new to this subject has not been so easy.

Too often I see their eyes glaze over, watch them shift uncomfortably, or frown and get defensive. The more I ramp up my passion about the subject the more they retreat… 

It wasn’t until I conducted some creative concept focus groups that I glimpsed the answer. This small-scale qualitative research helped me see what NOT to do. It also shed light on a way to get through the defense and reach people successfully.

Today I feel like there is a way to get through to people. It is not magic, it is a particular four step formula that I want to share.” 


2)  EMR Safety Alliance helped to coordinate presentations in Arizona last November.  The videos of several experts are now available.  Just last week there was another set of presentations, and Libby Kelley of EMF Alliance said the videos will be available shortly.

5th Generation Wireless:  Technological Revolution or Pandora’s Box?


3)  An ad for a stock in 5G technology that should scare all of us. It’s coming, people are investing!! With scientists warning of the dangers, this technology is being promoted as inevitable and, worse, a money maker for anyone who invests $6. This ad was received by a member.

These Mysterious “M-Boxes” – Hidden in Your Neighborhood – Are About to Spark a $12 Trillion 5G Cash Rush….


In China, they are working with China Telecom, which is expected to roll out millions of 5G “super-connectors” in the next few years.

Demand is so extensive, they’ve set up offices in Sichuan, Hunan, and Beijing.

In addition, they saw this 5G revolution coming years ago. And they’ve set up additional factories in Shanghai and Qingdao to ramp up production on a MASSIVE SCALE… and now they’re ready to go!

Plus, they’ve signed a special deal with two other Chinese communication giants – China Mobile and China Unicorn. 

And it’s not just in China…In Russia, this $6 company has offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg… 

And everywhere you look, this $6 company is deploying their 5G “M-Boxes…”

In Canada, they’re working with TELUS to bring these super-connectors to Vancouver, British Columbia, Ontario, and Montreal.”


4)   So many of the agencies given the responsibility to protect the public are corrupt, filled with corporate hacks and bent scientists. This article demonstrates how the US Center for Disease Control has been identified as one of these agencies for decades, and remains so. The public is left wondering where can they get solid, honest information to protect themselves, their families and the environment.

America’s “Medical Deep State”. The Role of the CDC

The nation’s leading health agency, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


“For over two decades, American families have faced an unscrupulous foe that threatens the public health and welfare. It is a rogue, unmanageable institution within our federal government, now seemingly beholden solely to private interests. Citizens have been horribly mistaken in believing that the nation’s leading health agency, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), honors its mandate to protect the public from “dangerous health threats,” both domestic and foreign. We are expected to assume the CDC relies upon the most advanced and cutting-edge medical science and data to make its policy decisions. However, the agency’s history of corruption and fraud contradict its own pledge, as outlined on its website. Instead of protecting the “health security of our nation,” the CDC uses bromides and meaningless pageantry to hide its true nature.”


Here is CDC’s web info re. EMR !!  I couldn’t find any of the recent significant studies and, according to the CDC, the only concern is HEAT.




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”        ~  Albert Einstein


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