2016-12-11 patent approved for a more versatile smeter.

1)    A patent has been issued for a wireless smeter that will be able to receive and send signals using many different frequency bands, allowing it to be used for many different purposes.

“The smart meter capable of performing wireless transmission of the above embodiment not only is able to transmit and receive wireless signals via the antenna for delivering power information through networks, but also utilizes internal space to settle the antenna, reducing the space occupied by the smart meter. Furthermore, the smart meter receives signals in multiple frequency bands, and signals delivered are more various, extending the scope of applications.”


2)    If you are looking for more information about microcells, here is the link to the Facebook page set up by members of the Coalition who are endeavoring to raise awareness and to get Telus to recognize our rights not to have a cell transmitter feet from our homes.



Telus Micro-cell transmitters are popping up on utility poles across the province without our informed consent and we should be concerned about the radiation emitting from these wireless transmitters. This service is for TELUS CUSTOMERS ONLY and yet we are all being exposed. Everyone knows the Fiber Optic Cable is the latest in technology and with a hard-wired connection is fast, secure and safe.  But Telus is misleading the public by failing to inform us of the proven health risks from the radiation emitting from these Micro-cells on the telephone poles and the wireless boxes connecting the cable to our homes.

BC Locations:  http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=8807

Please sign petition:  Unite Against Microcell Transmitters   Some have told me that they do not have FB so cannot sign the petition. When I asked about this, I was told you do not need to have a Facebook account to sign.  If you just ignore that option, you can sign anyway.

We demand that Telus be required to report, with full disclosure, to all affected residents prior to installation of Microcell transmitters on telephone poles in residential neighbourhoods.


3)    Someone who reacted strongly to the dirty electricity created by the digital meter was told by their Electrician that they could take the meter off by themself so they could sleep and then put it back on. PLEASE, I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH, THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. YOU COULD BE ELECTROCUTED AND/OR BURN YOUR HOME DOWN.


If you suspect that there is a problem with your meter, digital or “dumb”, if it is getting hot or there is moisture in it, call BC HYDRO emergency line (1-888-769-3766) right away. Turn your electricity off at your panel, but do NOT remove the meter yourself.



Any Electrician and BC HYDRO will say that only qualified persons, those with years of training and experience, should touch a meter. When BC Hydro allowed Corix workers (who were given only a few hours training),  fires occurred, meters were damaged, homes and appliances were damaged. Electricity is dangerous. Don’t mess with it, PLEASE!!

4)    The petition that many of us signed, asking for stricter siting limits for cell transmitters, was tabled on Dec. 9.  On the petition, it shows that only 1,369 people across Canada took the time to sign it, of that only 337 were British Columbians. This is very disappointing because it appears that there isn’t much concern about RF and cell towers.

This is to inform you that a government response to petition e-404, which you signed on the e-petitions website of the House of Commons, was tabled on December 9, 2016. You can view the response online, on the e-petitions website, at:


Going off grid TIPS

A member sent in this review of the Kimberly wood stove, which is not favorable. Just so you know, I am just sharing what members send to me. I am not endorsing anything.


Another member sent this link to solar ovens




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
~ Winston Churchill
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