2016-09-15 Home modems become Wi-Fi hotspots–>major health problems

1)   From someone in the USA where companies are using home modems as Wi-Fi hotspots.  I have no idea if this is happening here – but if it is working for companies in the US, it’s probably just a matter of time. With the push for fiber optic cable boxes on every home by Telus, and those microcells in many areas, just outside homes and often only 100-200 meters apart, it could be here already. Remember that my “Telus gateway modem” that was supposed to be completely hardwired was, in fact, wireless, without my knowledge and against my explicit instructions.  People with MS, for example, could suffer greatly from this exposure.


Demyelination Exacerbated by (Xfinity) Home Wi-Fi router with Public Hotspot feature 

(if you are a Comcast/Xfinity customer, you probably have a router with a public hotspot feature and not know you have it.  I became an Xfinity customer recently and was not told that the router they supplied me would be used as a public hotspot by Xfinity.  Xfinity’s home wireless gateway modems have 2 lines of Wi-Fi – one for your household use, and another for public hotspot use – use of one does not affect speeds/capacity of the other, and there are no security issues since they are separate lines.  However, you are paying for the power to supply Wi-Fi to the public hotspot range of 100m around your router and you are exposing yourself to much higher wireless radiation levels with a public hotspot on your router, and Xfinity is charging non-xfinity customers a rate of $2.95 per hour to access the hotspot.  Here’s more info. about the home hotspot feature and a video that explains it, and a link to disable the public hotspot feature on your Xfinity modem.  http://wifi.xfinity.com/ You will know if you are within range of an Xfinity hot spot if your smartphone/ipad shows that there is “xfinitywifi” available in the list of wireless networks.

(Note: disabling Wi-Fi on the Xfinity router in the usual way only disables your home Wi-Fi network, not the hotspot.  After I disabled the Wi-Fi on my Xfinity router, I thought I had shut off all Wi-Fi signals from it but my meter indicated there was still strong Wi-Fi signals coming from the router.  I didn’t understand why this would be, but after investigation, I figured out this second signal was for the public hotspot.  After I found out, I replaced the modem with one without the public hotspot feature.  If you have a modem/router supplied by your provider, it may have a public hotspot feature – only way to know is to check with an RF meter when your home Wi-Fi network is off or check with your provider.)


2)    The Auditor General is planning audits of BCUC (scope not yet determined) and BC Hydro sometime maybe within the next 3 years. This could be good, but I wonder why Ontario’s Auditor General can do an audit of Hydro One annually? We have yet to see an audit of the $$meter program and its financial reports are incomplete at best. I know that many of us have asked for one.


http://www.bcauditor.com/sites/default/files/publications/reports/FINAL_PA_Coverage_Plan_2016.pdf   see pages 8+

“Other projects she aims to review include rate-regulated accounting at Crown-owned BC Hydro and government management of the province’s grizzly-bear population.

Bellringer says plans are also underway for reviews of how the government manages risks posed by climate change and an examination of the independent B.C. Utilities Commission, which is primarily responsible for gas and electricity utilities.”


3)    An interesting survey that the BC Civil Liberties Association is taking about national security. This is an opportunity to identify personal data that BC Hydro and others are accessing.  There is nothing about security of the national grid and infrastructure, but there is room for comments. I hope you will consider answering.


4)    Warning from a neurosurgeon about the new wireless earbuds used by iPhone users.


Even though Apple says the new technology will do away with cumbersome wires that constantly tangle, some experts warn that AirPods will deliver low-intensity radiowaves directly into your ear and to your brain, which can have a deadly impact on your health.

“I would be very concerned,” said neurosurgeon and natural health expert Dr. Russell Blaylock. “I would never own the newer version for this reason.”

“The Bluetooth technology adds significantly to the radiation exposure as it is not only in close approximation of the temporal lobes of the brain, but it remains in the ear for many hours,” Blaylock tells Newsmax Health.


5)    A letter in Chemainus News about microcells. Please comment. Telus is misleading people in many regards, and the Chemainus Council needs to be pushed, as do other councils, to develop an Antenna Siting Consultation Policy to force Telus to inform people about these things and to obtain permission to put these on public property.


6)    It is now obvious for all to see – when you see “smart”, nothing is private any more.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  
~Martin Luther King, Jr.


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