2024-05-14 MMwave radiation surrounds us

1) What Exactly is 5G — Part Three

An abundance of millimeter wave radiation not related to 5G cell service and how to reduce personal exposure.

“Today, I’ll discuss two types of exposures that, unfortunately, will affect almost everyone. Consider this: who doesn’t visit grocery stores? Who doesn’t spend time on or near roads? We will also explore ways to minimize personal exposure.

Let’s start with supermarkets. The issue revolves around the door sensors that control the automatic sliding doors at the entrances and exits. In the Inland Northwest, and perhaps across the US and beyond, my observations indicate that all local, regional, and national grocery stores expose customers to high levels of millimeter wave RF radiation through these sensors.”


2) A letter from Dr. Joel Moskowitz, that I would imagine is being circulated widely. Just as in Canada, the standards for exposure are old and not based on science, yet Health Canada, like the FCC, refuses to consider revising the limits — perhaps due to intense lobbying by the telecoms.

Congress must regulate cell tower radiation

Cell towers were the largest source of environmental RFR exposure in a six-nation study my colleagues and I published in the journal Environment International. For a summary of research on cell tower health effects see my saferemr.com website….

The commission’s analysis of the best peer-reviewed science concluded, “urgently needed are health protective exposure limits for humans and the environment. These limits must be based on scientific evidence rather than on erroneous assumptions,…”


3) Non EMF but very important environmental news. This article pertains to BC but this is happening all over. In 2010, as part of the Clean Energy Act which ‘fathered’ smeters, a new large dam, Site C, was to be built — both of these programs were able to escape the normal regulatory oversight. A wonderful, bountiful valley was destroyed. The dam is nearly finished after going over budget many times, and also having many structural problems. There was talk, at one point, that this dam was needed to provide power to the oil companies for “gas extraction” (https://thediscourse.ca/energy/answering-final-questions-site-c). Many in our group were involved in attempting to get this horror stopped.

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Fracking Quakes Have Surged Near Fort St. John

“The latest measured 4.2, triggering a shutdown of drilling by industry giant ConocoPhillips.”


Site C Location. The Site C project is located in northeast British Columbia, seven kilometres southwest of Fort St. John. The coordinates are: 56N, 12′, 4.59″ Latitude, 120W, 54′, 21.76″ Longitude.



Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”    Henry David Thoreau

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