2024-02-01 New Science Policy by Gov. of Canada

1) Dr. Devra Davis asks for an honest explanation for the sudden decision by the NIH to cease all research on wireless radiation.

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Why did NIH abruptly halt research on the harms of cell phone radiation?

“Just last year, the NTP declared on its 2023 fact sheet that it would perform follow-up studies to better understand the effects found in the long term animal studies. So what happened? At this juncture, it is unclear. Have the follow-up studies been completed already? Working with Swiss national engineering and U.S. government experts, the NTP had devised small-scale systems for exposing animals experimentally to controlled levels of wireless radiation. Yet results from these exposure systems have neither been publicly shared nor published.

In a sudden and inexplicable turnaround of this long-scheduled and heavily reviewed workplan, the NTP now states that no more research on wireless radiation is planned due to costs of the studies and technical challenges. One must ask what is driving this flipflop. What has led to this sudden change in priorities, so that such an exponentially growing environmental exposure no longer merits study??


2) New transparency in the Canadian government… Maybe we can get some information from Health Canada to explain what science they “follow” that justifies Safety Code 6.

New in science policy: open access, research security, and more

“Last week, the Government of Canada launched its Federal Open Science Repository, providing the public with access to federally authored scientific articles and publications from science-based departments and agencies.

This long-awaited tool delivers on recommendations from the Roadmap for Open Science, released by the Office of the Chief Science Advisor in 2020, and marks a step forward in fostering a culture of transparency. We hope the new repository will invite increased collaboration between government science and the broader science community in tackling grand challenges together.”


3) HELP PLEASE: So many of you have been involved with opposing cell towers in your communities, some of which have been successful. A mayor in Ontario is asking for examples of successful oppositions. If you know of one, could you please send me info about the community and the telecom at:

citzensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “cell tower rejected” on the subject line.


For those in Winnipeg

From: “Marg Friesen” <5g.winnipeg.awareness@gmail.com> (contact info given with permission)
To: “Marg Friesen” <5g.winnipeg.awareness@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, February 1, 2024 2:39:39 AM
Subject: 1st Call to Action- By NOON Friday Feb 2 – submissions re Opt-out for Smart Water Meters in Winnipeg

To those concerned about the upcoming “smart” water meters for Winnipeg AND want to delegate or comment on the Opt-out Program,

At the October 30, 2023 meeting of the City of Winnipeg’s Water, Waste and Environment Committee (WWE), a motion was passed to have City staff report in 90 days on an opt-out program for its proposed smart water meter program. That report is on the Agenda for the WWE meeting on Monday, Feb. 5, 2024, 9:30 am.

If you wish to delegate and/or comment (which will appear on the public record), the deadline for submission is Friday (tomorrow), Feb 2nd at NOON.

Link: Participate in a Council or Committee meeting


Clicking on “here” will take you to a form used for comments and/or to delegate:



Committee: Standing Policy Committee on Water, Waste and Environment

Agenda item (number and title): 3, Opt-out Program for Advanced Metering Solution

On the NEXT page after filling in your name, etc., you can copy and paste in the comments section and/or add an attachment.

NOTE: also please email councillors, especially the ones on the WWE and your own councillor. This can be done BEFORE and AFTER deadline on Friday. See list below. Following up with a phone call to their office is important.

Link to the report: https://clkapps.winnipeg.ca/DMIS/ViewDoc.asp?DocId=24433&SectionId=&InitUrl=

Please click on this report:

3. Opt-out Program for the Advanced Water Metering Solution

Suggestions for items from the report you may want to comment on and/or ask questions about. (There may be more you are interested in knowing more about in the 9 page report.)

1. The very, very good news:

Quote from the report, page 3. “Based on the current practice in other Canadian cities, the following is a general outline of an opt out program for Winnipeg:

• Customers who have concerns about privacy, health, or other reasons could opt out of having an advanced meter installed on their property.

Possible comment:

Congratulate/thank … whatever positive word you would like to use … for this decision. (This a result, I’m sure, of all of our past submissions – let’s keep this going …)

2. Statements open to comment and questions:

1) Quote from the report, page 4:

•” Customers not participating in the AMI system would pay a manual meter reading fee. The fee would recover costs associated with continuing manual meter readings, and will be added to the Water and Sewer bill. The fee amount will be established when the project is substantially complete to accurately determine cost.”

Possible comment/question:

– To reduce undue financial hardship on low income households, the costs should be on a sliding scale based on family income.

– Will this come before the WWE for public input?

2) Quote from page 4:

“ For medical exemptions, customers would be required to submit a medical letter signed by a physician registered with The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba”.

Possible comment:

– This should be from any MD accredited in any Canadian Province or Territory. This would be helpful to those from out-of-province who have not yet found an MD.

3) Quote from page 2:

“The Public Service will conduct educational outreach to inform customers about the project schedule, the benefits of the project, and to address any misconceptions or concerns.”

Possible comment/question:

– This will be an on-going project with high public interest.

– Will the City of Winnipeg include this on the Public Engagement webpage. if not, why not?

*** EVERYONE – Please comment that no decision should be made on whether to go with an AMR (Automated Meter Reading) program or an AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) until the Diameter Services report is released and can be examined by the public. The AMI may send out radiation constantly (and only signals for reading occasionally) whereas the EMR system has options for the sending of signals when activated by a device operated by a person. The EMR has been piloted in River Heights and more than 7,000 have been installed in Transcona. It is the constantly emitting AMI that has reportedly caused many to suffer from adverse effects such as insomnia, tinnitus (ear ringing) and cardiac problems.

This is a multi-million dollar project, yet the document used to guide the City’s staff is not available to the public and perhaps not even to Councillors.

A suggested “ask”:

Email your councillor (and all others if you have time) and ask them if they have read the Diameter Services report referred to in the public service report provided to the Water, Waste and Environment committee on October 30th.

Link to the public service report – see pages 2,3 and 5: https://clkapps.winnipeg.ca/dmis/ViewDoc.asp?DocId=24188&SectionId=&InitUrl=

and click on: 2. Advanced Water Metering Solution Business Case

This is a $135 million project. Why are we not being allowed to see and comment on the Diameter Services report??? If you can follow up with a phone call – usually needed to get the Councillor’s attention.

Winnipeggers need to make a big push for the AMR type of system for all of our health to reduce electrosmog in and around homes and elsewhere. Tendering will happen soon. If you can help, please let Marg know.

By-the-way – Manitoba Hydro is also proposing smart meters for electricty and gas! More on this another time.


(Please let Marg know if there is a better email address for Mayor Gillingham.
Email: 5g.winnipeg.awareness@gmail.com)

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Additional information:

CTV News – What is not said in this news report is that the pilot project in River Heights used Advanced Meter Reading – AMR (activated only occasionally when a meter reader comes by e.g., takes readings from the street, whereas the proposed project involves 2 way microwave transmissions (Automated Meter Infrastructure – AMI). AMI, although perhaps sending signals occasionally may emit radiation night and day. AMI generates much more electrosmog than EMR.


Winnipeg Free Press


Radio interview: October 27th, 2023: University of Winnipeg radio – CKUW 95.9. Wooden Spoons: Mary Jane Eason interviews Marg Friesen M.Sc. former research biologist with the federal government and Barry Malowanchuk P.Eng.(retired), former telecommunications engineer with Manitoba Hydro.



Please email Marg with any responses you get from the Mayor and Councillors.

5g.winnipeg.awareness@gmail.com   or



Sharon Noble,  Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

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