2023-10-18 U.S. Disability Council & Environmental Exposures

1) France is hoping to reduce energy usage by encouraging voluntary actions, but penalties are possible for non-compliance. I wonder if they are reducing wireless devices and huge data centres, both of which consume huge amounts.

CITY OF NIGHTS: France imposes restrictions on street lights to cut emissions

“Now the French government is imposing harsh penalties on businesses and shops that light their storefronts outside designated hours in a bid to reduce electricity use.

It comes after the French government last year introduced a sweeping plan to slash heating and power use in everything from public buildings, shopping malls, spas and even stadiums in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”


2) Many EU countries plan on restricting non-EV cars in major cities in the near future. “Electrified highways” for charging will be nightmares for EMF emissions, and will increase problems for those who are sensitive.

Stockholm to ban gas and diesel powered cars from downtown core in 2025

“Stockholm will become the first capital city in Europe — and the world — to ban gasoline and diesel powered cars from its downtown core in a bid to battle air pollution…

To address the issue of charging infrastructure in a country almost as remote as Canada, in September, Sweden announced the world’s first permanently electrified highway that can recharge cars and trucks while actually driving.

That’s because it uses a conductive metal rail down the middle of the road that can be accessed by similarly equipped cars and trucks — for a fee — while they drive. Costs were not disclosed but it is expected to be in service by next year.”


3) Some good news provided by Shelley Wright. This is a US federal agency https://ncd.gov/about and this policy clearly acknowledges health effects associated with wireless radiation. I’ve highlighted that section below. I have no idea what ramifications this could have but will try to find out.

“This is WONDERFUL news from the U.S.!

The Disability Council clearly outlines how they intend to support people living with EMS (EHS) and MCS, including providing guidance to the industry.

Here’s the NCD’s link to Health Equity Framework:


(click on photo to enlarge)

See p. 10, #6 which was included specifically for EMS/EHS and MCS Disabled.

“Provide mandatory industry guidance, including recommended policies, training and best practices, to address the needs of people disabled by exposure to low level chemical, electromagnetic, and other environmental exposures that preclude access to care and treatment at medical, dental and at other providers’ offices, hospitals, surgical centers, and other healthcare and healthcare–related facilities, as a result of their use of chemical, fragranced and other scented products, and also as a result of the usage of wireless communications and electrical technologies and other sources of non-ionizing radiation, which may trigger disabling and life-threatening cardiac, respiratory, neurological, and other adverse physical reactions. (Requires administrative action through HHS Office of Civil Rights, and further research concerning this matter should be conducted by the FDA, NIH, HHS, and HUD.)”


Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

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