2023-06-23 BC Hydro’s “gaps” –> explosion

1) In my June 13 update, I shared Katie Singer’s article about the protests of lithium mining in Thacker Pass, Nevada. Now the protesters are being sued because of their attempts to save this land and environment. Here is the first article:

see 2) – https://citizensforsafertech.ca/2023-06-13-wireless-safety-session/


“Just before I published “When Land I Love Holds Lithium” (June 10, 2023), about Max Wilbert’s work to protect Thacker Pass, Nevada from lithium mining, Lithium Nevada Corporation sued Max and six others for Civil Conspiracy, Nuisance, Trespass, Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations, Tortious Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage and Unjust Enrichment (“profiting” by fundraising for expenses to protect Thacker Pass).”


2) An update about the Rogers Tower on Salt Spring Island is below in Letters with photos showing that Rogers is not a good corporate citizen.

3) Last year, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the US warned that 5G installations near airports could cause major safety issues for planes, interfering with their equipment. The implementation was delayed to allow time for planes to install new or fix old equipment, but not all of the repairs have been made and problems could result.

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Flight Delays Are Coming: Transportation Head Warns Of 5G Interference On Planes

“Summer airline operations will face their “biggest foreseeable problem” starting next week as a deadline to retrofit equipment to avoid potential interference from 5G wireless signals approaches, with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg sounding alarm bells about possible delays.

Planes that fail to meet the deadline for upgrading won’t be able to land in certain weather conditions when visibility is low starting July 1, as 5G wireless service could interfere with the devices that use radio waves to measure an aircraft’s distance from the ground, Buttigieg told the Wall Street Journal.”


4) Not EMR related, but this relates to BC Hydro and its lack of care and proper oversight that we’ve warned about regarding other equipment, e.g smeters. BC Hydro has been shown evidence that the smeters’ microwave radiation is harmful to all living things. They hide behind the inadequate Safety Code 6. BC Hydro has been shown that the smeters’ are highly combustible, unlike the analogs they replaced, and that smeters have caused fires. They deny, saying they are safe. BC Hydro has been asked to have smeters certified safe by independent Electrical Engineers and they say they don’t have to because it’s their equipment and, according to the regulations, BC Hydro’s equipment doesn’t need to be certified — even if it’s on our homes. BC Hydro has been warned that smeters are easily hacked and can be used by hackers to access the grid. Apparently, BC Hydro doesn’t believe the experts or doesn’t care.

According to this report, their cavalier attitude with regard to equipment resulted in an explosion that injured 2 people. How many people are being harmed by smeters?

Wrong materials, outdated system factors in injurious BC Hydro vault explosion: Report

“Gaps” iBC Hydro’s work procedures, including an outdated system and incompatible materials, were contributing factors in an underground electrical vault fire and explosion that injured two in Vancouver earlier this year, an independent report has found.

A BC Hydro assessment in 2016 had further identified catastrophic safety risks associated with the vault, recommending its replacement in 2018 — an in-house warning the utility provider did not follow.”

Wrong materials, outdated system factors in injurious BC Hydro vault explosion: Report




“Julian, Scott and I have been working very, very hard on the next phase of the judicial review application which we submitted to the federal courts in late May. I ended up having to pull an all nighter to get my 400 page affidavit complete due to a super busy schedule and last minute info that surfaced.

This process has been grueling, but we do have a lot of evidence in our favor.

Please Surround this Process in Light

We will be submitting the next batch of documents by this coming Monday. Please take a moment to see our words working – forcing Rogers to remove the tower they have now, sadly built. Not only is this way too close to homes, the sensitive Garry Oak habitat where it stands is also being caused irreparable harm. (Pictures below)



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