2023-06-22 Irregulators “out” Verizon

1) Arthur Firstenberg’s newsletter about the devastating effect cell towers on islands have had on nesting areas of seabirds.

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“… last spring, during May and June, the world was awakened to shocking tales and heart-rending photographs of dead seabirds littering their breeding grounds all over the Northern Hemisphere, nowhere so vividly as in the De Petten Nature Reserve on the island of Texel in the Netherlands, where the corpses of Sandwich terns littered the ground as if they had fallen dead out of the sky in mid-flight:”



2) Claims by the industry that 5G will provide better, faster, cheaper service to more people is a fallacy — and the truth is coming out.

New York City Link 5G Will Not Solve the Digital Divide That Industry Created

“The LinkNYC Wireless plan is another wireless bait and switch.”

“LinkNYC has been a disaster on so many levels that it is hard to count them all. First, the original plan was to replace the existing payphones with these monolith kiosks, but there was only a partial deployment — about 25-30%. This left 60- 80% of the payphones not replaced and millions of callers were left without basic public phone service. Next, when done, there will only be Swiss-cheese coverage, because the range of Wifi is so limited using 5G. The maps provided clearly show that 70-80% of the supposed coverage areas with the upgraded WiFi will still not he able to get the service.”


The testimony submitted to NYCity Council by the Irregulators is a very good read. At least read the first 7 pages — a fast read with details that might apply to other companies in addition to Verizon. See who the Irregulators are, what they have done and continue to do to disclose the web of deception and corruption by various telecoms.


“First, this has allowed Verizon to seriously inflate all prices in New York but it also impacts America, because the underlying parts of the networks, known as backhaul, (the data lines that go to the cell sites or the banks, have excessive profits, and thus all wireline and wireless prices in the US are 5-20 times more expensive than overseas.

Worse, because Verizon never fully upgrades the networks to fiber and thus let the networks deteriorate, there was no competition to lower prices– and because of this, the cable companies can add made up fees to inflate prices. On top of all this, there is a defacto agreement with the cable companies that gave them the wired-broadband and cable networks — and not have direct competition, and Verizon kept wireless. In fact, Spectrum wireless service is reselling Verizon Wireless. — Collusion and not competition, as Spectrum is bundling this with their other services, giving it monopoly advantages for wireline- high-speed broadband, and Verizon for wireless.


3) Dr. Meg Sears, Chair of Prevent Cancer Now, and her organization have done amazing things over the last year, and you are invited to learn more about them.

Prevent Cancer Now

2023 Annual General Meeting
June 29th, Noon ET, 9:00 am PT
(via Zoom)

“Prevent Cancer Now is Canada’s science-based organization actively focused on stopping cancer before it starts. We work tirelessly, with health researchers and environmental organizations to minimize harmful exposures that contribute to cancer. We build awareness of sustainable practices and healthy choices that can be made by individuals, governments and commercial enterprises.

You are invited to learn about how we worked with others, on cancer prevention campaigns in 2022. . Email us for Annual General Meeting details, and become a member (annual, no charge).”



Sharon  Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

“You can fool all of the people all of the time …. until they know the truth.”      The Irregulators

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