2023-06-19 millimeterWave 5G Update

1) ITRON has released its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) report in which they claim to be working so very ethically to help the environment. Never do they mention that their products — smeters — are fire and heath hazards that are dependent upon wireless technology that is an energy hog and an environmental pollutant. I noticed that on the “Accolades” page (#7), Gradient is one of their supporters. Gradient, a product defense company just like Exponent, provided an “independent” report pertaining to FortisBC’s electric smeter program a few years ago, and no doubt they are providing that or a similar report to other utility commissions in support of other smeter applications.


“This report highlights our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy in action. Every day, Itron is fueled by the opportunity to address the industry’s pressing challenges and help protect our planet’s precious resources. We strive to do the right thing for our employees, customers, shareholders and communities as we endeavor to create a more resourceful world ”


2) From one of our members, a very detailed article about 5G in Los Angeles. Oram noted that the lower frequencies are far more dangerous because they travel farther, can penetrate, and the power density is higher. Remember, what is in this article relates to LA only. As far as I know, the mmWave auction of the spectrum has not yet occurred in Canada. Telecoms here are using the lower frequencies, in the RF range, for 5G.

“Probably it’s important to read this post by Oram (updated today) and save it. As you may know, Oram Miller (in the U.S.) dives deeply and quite precisely into things, so there are plenty of details here. If you don’t have time to read all of it now, please at least scroll to the bottom of Oram’s June 19th post where he provides “Take-away points.” NOTE: what Oram reports here is about specific locations served by some U.S. telecom network providers; so please don’t assume it is or isn’t the same in every location or in every country. You might want to bookmark the first link below, because at the bottom of Oram’s post, he stated, “I will continue my mmWave 5G testing and report back to you.””

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5th Fifth Generation Cellular Technololgy
millimeterWave 5G Update June 19, 2023

Report of Measurement of millimeterWave 5G Cellular Signals with Safe and Sound Pro mmWave 5G and FM5 RF Meters

“Thus, by far, the bigger harm to me and to passersby was from the mmWave RF signal from our Verizon phones, measured at 50,000 µW/m2 a few feet from the phone (and, of course, much higher when the phone is close to me), than from standing near the mmWave cell antenna itself, measured at 100 to 1,000 µW/m2.”


3) A Fathers’ Day email from Dr. Meg Sears, with a hope that you will share with those you care about to “Prevent Cancer Now”.

Dads’ Hopes

“Our hearts go out to those missing their dads on Fathers’ Day, including those who lost fathers to cancer. It is a top cause of premature death.

Today we ask, what do fathers want more than anything else? … even more than the hottest new tools for home maintenance and (less-than-healthy) barbecued meats?”



Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

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