2023-06-12 How Money and Power Dominate RF Research

There are so many interesting Zoom meetings that we need a way to post reminders without filling up an update. There are 2 tomorrow and another on Wed.

1) C4ST Open meeting, interviewing Victor Leach of ORSAA.

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Tuesday June 13, 2023 7:30 pm EDT, 4:30 PDT



2) What happens in the USA, especially in California, often happens in Canada, sooner rather than later. Here are 2 Bills which are of great concern to colleagues in California.


“California Wireless Update” will have information on the two pending California bills, the Digital Divide, and the LA lawsuit, with:

– Doug Wood of Americans for Responsible Technology
– Bill Allyaud of Environmental Working Group
– Brenda Martinez of Fiber First LA… and
– Attorney Scott McCollough

You will have a chance to ask questions. Registration is required.

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3) Reminder of an important zoom meeting from the UK. It is early for those of us in BC, but registration will result in being able to get access to videos, transcripts, etc.

Wireless Communications Radiation: Are Safety Limits Valid?
Wednesday, June 14, 2023 6:00 AM (PDT)

“ICBE-EMFs primary objective is to make recommendations to ensure protection of humans and other species from harmful effects of NIR.”


4) The attacks by industry and industry-funded bent scientists continue against Dr. Henry Lai who, though retired, continues to do research and to publish. About 2/3 through this article is mention of James McNamee, who is one of those attackers. This is McNamee, head of Health Canada’s Non-Ionizing Radiation Research Dept. (the one that sets Safety Code 6.) Many years ago when I sent McNamee Dr. Lai’s DNA study, asking for his response. McNamee sent me a very small, very short study on mice which he said refuted Dr. Lai’s study. McNamee said his study was funded by Motorola.


How Money and Power Dominate RF Research
The Lai-Singh DNA Breaks 30 Years on

“… One offers a surprising glimpse of change in the usually static field of RF research, while the other shows how much has stayed the same over the last many years. Yet, in the end, they offer the same well-worn message, always worth repeating: Those who sign the checks, run the show.

The two papers come 30 years after Henry Lai and N.P. Singh  began an experiment at the University of Washington in Seattle that would set off alarm bells across the still-young cell phone industry —and the U.S. military. Lai and Singh would show that a single, two-hour exposure to low-level microwave radiation (today, we’d say RF) could lead to breaks in the helical strands of DNA in the brains of live rats…..

Vijayalaxmi has had close ties to many of the other “no effect” authors in the slide, including Isabelle Lagroye, Joseph Roti Roti and Maria Scarfi —all of whom have received money from cell phone companies. Roti Roti, of Washington University in St. Louis, was commissioned by Motorola to cast doubt on the Lai-Singh work —which he did. Kheem Bisht and Robert Malyapa were members of his lab. (Roti Roti died in February.) She has also worked with James McNamee; his papers do not disclose sources of funding.

Lai-Singh have not been Vijayalaxmi’s only target. She has gone after just about anyone who has reported DNA breaks. In 2006, she teamed up with McNamee and Scarfi to criticize Hugo Rüdiger’s experiments at the University of Vienna. Rüdiger had followed up on the DNA work under the EC’s REFLEX program using human fibroblast cells, and he too reported breaks. Vijayalaxmi and crew called the work “questionable.”

Lesson learned by Dr. Lai: ” “But the biggest change, at least for me, is that time has opened my eyes. I now see how the world really works: All too often, money and power dominate science.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

“The corruption of the best things gives rise to the worst.”   David Hume

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