2023-06-05 WHO still dominated by ICNIRP

1) Parents are suing the school board, the school district, members of the Board of Education, among others for allowing a cell tower to be erected on a school, and the judge has granted an injunction in acknowledgement of the harm that the radiation could cause. The school officials are being sued as professionals and, as such, will be covered by the directors’ insurance. I wonder if the insurer determines that they did not act in “good faith” (that is, they failed to protect the children and teachers as their jobs require), might the insurer fail to cover them? This would leave them vulnerable to being sued personally.

There is a lot of activity in the USA now with regards to EMF. I wish similar activity was occurring in the Canada.

Judge issues restraining order to delay activation of cell tower in Wyandotte

“A Wayne County Circuit Court judge has granted a motion for a temporary restraining order that will delay activation of a controversial T-Mobile 5G cell tower installed on the smokestack of a Wyandotte school.

Several parties and individuals are named as defendants in the lawsuit, including Wyandotte Public Schools, the city of Wyandotte, T-Mobile Central LLC, former Superintendent of Schools Catherine Cost, former school district Business Manager Kenneth Laub, former City Engineer Gregory Mayhew, current City Engineer Jesus Placencia, as well as current and former members of the Wyandotte Board of Education….

The judge stated that the plaintiffs will suffer irreparable harm and loss if the defendants are not immediately enjoined from proceeding with any further activity related to the wireless communications facility currently installed atop the school’s smokestack.”

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2) Notice of meeting of VISTA/CARE. More information is below in Letters.

CARE (Canadian Alliance to Reduce Electrosmog): Next Meeting Wed, June 7

Hello everyone,

Please join us on Wed to talk about Cell Towers, Antennas, Electro-smog. Our goal is to share information and empower residents to take action in their communities. We want to help bring people together across the country, so they can continue to meet and connect with those in their immediate communities also.

Meeting Agenda
1. Introductions
2. Housekeeping Items
3. Group Mission, Goals and Vision – open for comments and feedback
4. Cell Towers – Canada
5. Cell towers – Elsewhere
6. Community Announcements
7. Action Item (s)
8. Working Groups

For the complete Agenda, see the Proton Drive Folder


3) The hope that WHO RF guidelines will be amended downward, or that the IARC review of new studies showing solid evidence linking RF to cancer will change RF’s classification as a carcinogen is diminished by the continued influence of ICNIRP on WHO.

ICNIRP Still Runs RF at WHO

ICNIRP continues to dominate EMF policies at the WHO, according to documents made available to Microwave News. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection is a private, self-perpetuating, secretive group whose exposure limits are used around the world.

The documents were recently distributed by Emilie van Deventer, who leads the WHO’s radiation program, as she prepared to host a briefing this week in Geneva for the EMF International Advisory Committee (IAC).”



You’ll find all sorts of info, including a folder containing materials that can be used for Public Education. (Also refer to the the VISTA ‘Get Informed’ folder for handouts … etc.)

*NEW Upload: A Cell Tower Flyer that you can add a customized note with your Group Name, location or contact info into in the footer, it’s saved inside the EDUCATION – Public folder.                        https://citizensforsafertech.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Flyer-What-you-should-know-about-cell-towers-in-your-neighbourhood.-Generic-Customizable.pdf

Mission, Goals and Vision of CAREhttps://drive.proton.me/urls/AK9V3H6VMW#MZsfMmXvaTd4
If you have any suggestions, please send them our way soon: VISafeTechAlliance@proton.me + Marg marg.c4st@gmail.com.

Legend / Key to the Proton Drive folder – https://drive.proton.me/urls/SDP1DK80MG#77k1n2RDA5AZ As there is a lot of information already uploaded to the VISTA drive, links to those folders are also included within this document.

See the ‘Proposed Towers Canada Details’ file and send us any updates / new information you may have.

If you have a Public Info Package for a cell tower in your area that you’d like to share with us, please reply to this email and we’ll upload it to the ‘INFO PKGS Proposed Towers – CANADA‘ folder. https://drive.proton.me/urls/PAV3PPCC00#TeKjcUeffVpy

Cell Tower or Antenna Pictures? Send them to us via VISafeTechAlliance@proton.me + Marg (marg.c4st@gmail.com) with some details (i.e. location, city/province). In the future, these may be presented on a website or an appropriate social media site if someone is interested in helping us with that project.

Next few meetings: Wed, June 7 / Wed, June 21 / Wed, July 5 / July 19 (at 6:30 pm Pacific Time / 7:30 pm Mountain Time / 8:30 pm Central Time / 9:30 pm Eastern Time)

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See you Wed!

Vancouver Island Safe Tech Alliance (VISTA)


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