2023-05-31 Chronic diseases — environmental factors?

1) Experts have reported that many serious diseases (in a major proportion of cases) are environmentally related, not caused by genetics alone. Cancer is one such disease as is Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Kostoff laments that more effort seems to be aimed at medical treatment than at finding the root causes and eliminating them. One prime example is the Cancer Society that raises money for treatment while repeating and referring to Health Canada’s inaccurate/false information that there is no convincing evidence that cellphones are dangerous. Example from Canada Cancer Society website:

Children and cellphones

“There isn’t very much research on cellphone use and health effects on children, whose bodies are still developing.

Cellphone towers

Current evidence doesn’t show any short-term or long-term health effects from the signals produced by cellphone towers. However, ongoing research is still looking at the relationship between cancer and radiofrequency exposure from all sources.

Learn more about the safety of cellphones and cellphone towers. (which links to the Health Canada info that follows.)


Health effects of cell phones, cell phone towers, antennas and 5G devices

“Based on the available scientific evidence, there are no health risks from exposure to the low levels of radiofrequency EMF which people are exposed to from cell phones, cell phone towers, antennas and 5G devices.”



“Based on that perspective, there is a strong disconnect between our approach, and the approach that seems to underlie many of the PD therapy clinical trials reported here. There appears to be relatively little effort in testing for low-cost, less painful, and less toxic alternatives to prevent and treat PD.

Where are the clinical trials that show health alterations when wireless radiation, heavy metals, air pollutants, workplace chemicals, PFOS, PFAS, water fluoridation, water chlorination, etc., are removed? Based on our published results, these are some of the major factors that contribute to serious chronic diseases (including PD), yet they never seem to appear in clinical trials.”


2) From Magda Havas: Rechard Syrett is a well-known and experienced radio broadcaster, and can be heard on Coast to Coast AM. Dr. Tony Muc has been a well-known supporter of the status quo re. EMF guidelines.

“You may be interested in this link that just appeared today. It is an interview with Richard Syrett on EMFs done many years ago … possibly in 2011 or 12 years ago! So little has changed for the better and now we are inundated by 5G radiation as well!”

The Dangers of EMF.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIqcqi74ESU  (21 min.)

3) The FDA petition is getting some attention. There can never be any evaluation of the damage done in the 55 years by the FDA’s failure to do its job.

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Advocates Call on FDA to Follow Law on Wireless Radiation

“In 1968, Congress passed a law requiring the Food and Drug Administration to minimize people’s exposure to wireless radiation, but the agency dropped the ball, according to a new petition filed by a coalition of consumer advocates.

The group wants the FDA to evaluate the public’s exposure to radio-frequency radiation emitted by things such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, routers, game consoles and smart meters….

The FDA has 180 days to evaluate the petition. If it is rejected, advocates would have the option to file suit.



Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

“A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.”     Marshall McLuhan

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