2023-05-26 Part 2 – EHS “The State of Science”

1) Dr. Martha Herbert is a pediatric neurologist and has studied the effects of EMF exposure on children’s neurological development.

Wireless Radiation and its Impact on Children with Dr. Martha Herbert

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_xDdBb7oXo&t=7s  (14 min.)

2) A few days ago [2) – https://citizensforsafertech.ca/2023-05-19-ehs-conference-part-1/], I shared Part 1 about a conference on EHS hosted by the European Parliament.


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Below is Part 2 with “highlights” of the workshop.

EHS – what the experts say, Part 2

“At the workshop, titled ‘Electromagnetic-Hyper-Sensitivity: The State of Science’, the experts shared their research, their perspectives and their suggestions for addressing the issue.”

Dr Dominique Belpomme: ‘We have evidence that is strong enough that the relationship between EHS and electromagnetic fields is very likely. We reject the idea of a psychiatric or psychosomatic theory.’

Dr Andrew Marino: ” He pointed out several key problems in obtaining reliable scientific information.”

Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski: ‘there is currently no effort to develop health policies for dealing with EHS, no matter what causes EHS. And national governments follow the opinions of WHO, ICNIRP and ICS and are not developing any practical health policy advisories for Self-declared. EHS sufferers’

Dr Klaus Buchner: ‘[I]t is not sufficient to do something for the EHS people. We generally have to lower the limits in order to avoid EHS. I think that’s a very important thing.’


3) More information on the Supreme Court denial of a hearing re. Apple cellphone radiation. The lawyer for the case believes that there are other options and approaches available that can be pursued. We now have clear evidence, provided by ISED, that cellphones in Canada exceed the guidelines and are still being used and sold. I believe we have the basis for a lawsuit in Canada if someone will take it up.

Plaintiffs Denied Supreme Court Hearing Regarding Apple Cellphone Radiation Emissions “but it’s not over”

“The U.S. Supreme Court this week decided against hearing a lawsuit against Apple that sought to determine whether the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) radiofrequency (RF) radiation guidelines preempt state safety and health laws.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit — nearly 30 iPhone users — allege that Apple’s iPhone emitted RF radiation that regularly exceeded the federal exposure limit and that Apple violated California state health and safety laws by failing to warn consumers about the health and safety risks of holding the device close to the body.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

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