2023-05-09 5G Networks disappointing industry

1) Another industry article that confirms that 5G is not performing as promised. And mmWave frequencies which would provide the promised speed have so many problems — for example, they are not able to travel far; they can’t tolerate any interference like rain or vegetation — that industry finds it hard to justify the expense of building a 5G network. As far as I know, there still has not been an auction of the mmWave frequencies best suited for 5G.

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5G Networks Are Performing Worse. What’s Going On?
Millimeter-wave fizzles and regulatory hurdles plague progress

“A big selling point for 5G is the ability to tap into new bands of spectrum, most notably the millimeter-wave band (24 to 40 gigahertz), which can support lower latencies and greater data rates. The caveat of all higher frequencies, however, is that they don’t travel particularly far. That’s great for cities, less so for the suburbs or rural areas. As more people in more places start using 5G networks, there’s some degradation in network performance to be expected, in aggregate, because of that fact.”


2) 5G upgrades across the USA, but I am not sure what this means. What type of “upgrades”? It sounds as if it means adding “5G Ultra Wideband” service. Given the problems with mmWaves (see item #1), it does sound as if Verizon is promoting a product that is not very practical or efficient.

Verizon Sends “Major” 5G Upgrades to 20 New Cities

“Long and winding story short, I like learning about good 5G rollouts, like Verizon and T-Mobile keep doing. It lets me know if my city or your city’s 5G is actually getting better, where it’s getting better, and if your connection can now compete with your home internet or you can start doing virtual 3D open heart surgeries while your electric car self-drives across town, all powered by the same 5G. Wasn’t that the promise?…

In Phoenix, Verizon says that it has “added 5G Ultra Wideband service to more than 80% of the sites serving customers,” pushed out more mmWave 5G to downtown and other areas, and has plans to push even more spectrum by the end of the year.”


According to this article, 5G Ultra Wideband is a “branding” or selling gimmick by Verizon more than anything else.

What is 5G Ultra Wideband? How your phone’s internet may soon change


3) And to finish off this update devoted to 5G …. I believe I shared this article when it came out in December, and suggested that the Girl Scouts organization be contacted about this propagandizing by and for the telecoms. Given that we have many new members, I thought it worth sharing again.

The Girl Scouts’ Latest Business Project: Hailing 5G Cellphone Technology

“The organization famous for its cookie sales paired with equipment-maker Ericsson to encourage Scouts to spread the word about the technology and to tout its safety. Some scientists see it differently.

Beyond developing their camping skills, participating in a food drive to aid the hungry and donating pajamas for seniors, Girl Scouts across America this year were offered a new way to earn a special uniform patch: learning about the wonders of 5G cellphone technology and, in some cases, promoting it.”



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