2023-04-11 Rogers, 5G in Subways

1) Please see below in Letters an email from Theodora Scarato who is gathering info about municipal transparency re. cell transmitters. I hope you will respond if this applies to your local government.

2) A member-recommended this series of short videos covering a wide range of topics regarding radiation, both natural and man-made, by Save Belgium. They are from 5-8 min. long.

Radiation in our living environment: Introduction to a series of 8 interesting Episodes


French and Dutch versions available through: https://www.youtube.com/@savebelgium

3) Rogers is committed to causing subway riders across Canada to travel in metal boxes where EMF bounces/reflects off the hard surfaces, increasing exposure.


Rogers Steps Up to Bring 5G Full Services to TTC Subway, Including 911 Calling

“Rogers Communications Inc. today announced a plan to bring full 5G connectivity services to Toronto’s entire subway system, including access to 911 for all riders….

This milestone investment builds on Rogers’ existing initiatives to bring advanced mobile connectivity to underground transit riders across the country. These initiatives include agreements with TransLink to bring wireless connectivity across the full SkyTrain system in the Greater Vancouver Area and the Société de transport de Montréal with other Canadian carriers tbring connectivity in all 68 metro stations and over 70 kms of tunnel in Montreal.”



From: “Theodora Scarato” <Theodora.Scarato@ehtrust.org>
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2023 9:59:54 AM
Subject: [EMF] What communities ensure transparency regarding 5G/4G small cell installation

What communities ensure transparency regarding 5G/4G small cell installations posting the full applications, make/model of antennas and RF compliance reports.

For example: (click on photos to enlarge)

White Plains, New York: Posts applications that includes RF reports


Montgomery County, Maryland: Residents can sign up for a listserve to get notice of all proposed wireless facilities including RF compliance reports.


If your community does this or you know of cities and towns that post this information online please send me:

1. Name of the community

2. Link to the website page that posts the RF reports, make/model of antennas in the proposed installation, full applications

3. Link to website that posts proposed wireless installations

4. Link to the community website page that has a map of the current and/or proposed installations.

I am compiling this information.

Thanks so much,

Theodora Scarato
Executive Director
Environmental Health Trust

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer tech

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