2023-03-23 Effects of polluted environment on children

1) A new paper on the effects of wireless radiation and EMFs on children. “The body of scientific research clearly indicates that measures are needed to reduce children’s daily exposures to as low as possible. FCC and ICNIRP based regulations do not protect children.” (EHT)

Wireless technologies, non-ionizing electromagnetic fields and children: Identifying and reducing health risks

Children today are conceived and live in a sea of wireless radiation that did not exist when their parents were born. The launch of the digital age continues to transform the capacity to respond to emergencies and extend global communications. At the same time that this increasingly ubiquitous technology continues to alter the nature of commerce, medicine, transport and modern life overall, its varied and changing forms have not been evaluated for their biological or environmental impacts.”


2) Over the last few decades, as our environment has become more and more polluted with chemicals and toxins such as EMFs, autism has increased dramatically and continually.

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1 in 36 Kids Have Autism, CDC Says — Critics Slam Agency’s Failure to Investigate Cause

“Since the CDC started collecting the data, prevalence estimates have skyrocketed from 1 in 150 in 2000, to today’s estimate of 1 in 36 children.

The trend has persisted for decades. Autism prevalence in the 1990s, which was 1 in 1,000 children, already represented a tenfold increase over the condition’s estimated prevalence in the 1970s….

Autism Prevalence – 1970-2017 graph

We absolutely know how to stop the autism epidemic — keep toxic substances out of kids’ bodies. Toxic substances known to increase the risk of developing autism include mercury, ingredients in plastics and fire retardants, pesticides and herbicides, EMF/RFR, and pharmaceuticals (Tylenol, SSRIs and vaccines).”


Dr. Martha Herbert has postulated that there is a causal relationship between EMFs and autism. She has reported on case studies where autistic children were calmed and able to function more normally when the EMFs in their environment were eliminated.


“Many reports are coming in that decreasing electromagnetic radiation exposures can help increase a child’s functioning, especially children with autism, ADHD or other neurological issues.”

Autism, ADHD, and Wireless Electromagnetic Fields


3) If you are one of the many of us unable to listen to this webinar live, ART has provided it in its entirety along with the slides. The laws discussed apply to the USA but there are many similarities to Canadian laws, along with ideas that we might employ.

The Rights of Citizens in the Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure

Did you miss yesterday’s webinar?


Welcome and Introduction – Doug Wood (6:56)
Part Two: Three Essential Components – Scott McCollough (11:28)
Part Three: The TCA and the Rights of Local Officials – Andrew Campanelli (9:16)
Part Four: The Unwanted Towers of New York – Odette Wilkens (15:25)
Part Five: Evolutionary Values – Julian Gresser (9:03)
Part Six: Panel discussion with questions from the audience (32:41)

Scott McCollough’s slides – https://www.americansforresponsibletech.org/_files/ugd/2cea04_9ae88c8737644bafb4a8bffaf336e76d.pdf 

Odette Wilkens’ slides – https://www.americansforresponsibletech.org/_files/ugd/2cea04_03881b4c4ecf49878029692bf8a89085.pdf

Julian Gresser’s slides – https://www.americansforresponsibletech.org/_files/ugd/2cea04_9822e4fb4a7a4cef9390bb1c33ea500e.pdf 


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Children are not little adults and are disproportionately impacted by all environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation.” American Academy of Pediatrics to the Federal Communications Commission (2013)

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