2023-03-17 Several interesting/important webinars

In my March 15 update, the link to the very important letter regarding the Salt Spring Island battle with Rogers didn’t work. I am sorry about that. Because it has so much important information, I am providing again. Better late than never….

1) Another short notice item. Not EMF-related, but another example of David vs Goliath… Dr. Meg Sears is one of the panelists. May not be on the agenda, but we know that farmers will be looking to wireless devices, IoT, etc. in the future to help with data.

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Organic success can inform the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy
Into the Weeds: Virtual discussion

Saturday, March 18, 2023, 3:00 ET, noon PT

Dr. Meg Sears: Meg Sears, PhD, is a scientist chairing the national group Prevent Cancer Now, with over two decades of science, policy and public health engagement on topics including pesticides assessment and regulation, and least-toxic approaches to pests.


2) The Fiber Broadband Association is working to promote and install fibre optic cable throughout North America but it is, at the same time, working with the telecoms who use fiber to extend their 5G grid. I think this webinar could be very important to help us understand how the grid will be working. I hope some of you who are more technical than I will attend and report back. Registration is required.

The Science of WiFi Extender Placement: How, Where and Why

Free Webinar
Tuesday, Mar. 28, 2023, 12:00 noon EDT/ 9:00 am PDT.


3) From ART.

The Rights of Citizens in the Deployment of Wireless Technology

We have a unique and free opportunity to hear, from some of the best legal minds in the country, about citizen and policy makers rights with regards to regulating wireless infrastructure next Wednesday, March 22nd at 4:00 PM (ET.) 1:00 PM (PT) The webinar is free. Registration is required. See link.

Americans For Responsible Technology, in association with The Broadband International Legal Action Effort, are featuring renowned attorneys Scott McCollough, Andrew Campanelli, Odette Wikins and Julian Gresser in a Professional Legal Webinar titled: The Rights of Citizens In the Deployment Of Wireless Infrastructure.

This is an excellent opportunity for us and our policy makers to be meaningfully informed and educated on this important issue; as our policy makers make their decisions regarding the placement of cell towers and wireless infrastructures within our communities. This professional webinar is perfect for your: City Council, School Board Members and School Administration, State and Federal Representatives and Senators, Mayors, City Managers and City Attorneys.

The number one reason for unfavorable and highly impacting infrastructure placements on our schools, in our neighborhoods etc., is due to a significant lack of education on the legal rights of policy makers to regulate.

This webinar will help close these knowledge gaps; and will result in better placements in your community and country wide.

Please take a moment to share the information about this webinar with your policy makers (stated above) along with request that they attend the event to learn more about their rights to regulate within this quickly evolving issue.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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