2023-01-31 Is BC Hydro moving to TOU billing?

1) Time-of-use billing (TOU) was one of the justifications given for the smeter program in the first place, and this capability was one of the first completed in the design and building process. So BC Hydro has been planning this since inception. But what about those people who are not flexible enough to take advantage of the cheaper rates — those who must cook, clean, heat and cool homes during the day — those with young children, those who are disabled or elderly? They will be forced to pay a much higher price. Those who can afford EVs will benefit from cheaper prices for charging overnight. Do people know this? I, for one, would not charge my EV while sleeping, not with the risk of fires that exists.

And are EVs the greatest drain on the grid? Hardly. What about all the new cell towers, transmitters, data centres needed for 5G and the Internet of things? Experts have found and have reported that these wireless devices and new technology use 10-15 times the energy that wired devices take, yet wireless usage is growing exponentially. BC Hydro needs to get its facts straight and not put the onus on EVs instead of the wireless energy-sapping technology.

Global electric vehicle demand – will the grid break?

“An article I read this week discusses the fact that 99% of folks that have chosen to drive EV have stated they will never purchase an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle again….

But what is often asked, how is the electrical grid going to handle it? Well, locally, BC Hydro has actively promoted greater electrical efficiency for decades. Over time, the advent of LED lighting, heat pumps, use of cell phone over desktop communications for internet access, upgraded insulation and energy rated devices has reduced the energy need in each existing home, as more homes are added to the grid. So the overall usage has been pretty much flat. Along comes EV’s needing to be powered by hydro-generated electricity rather than Oil. A new energy-sapping kid on the block….

The Smart Folks at Hydro have been surveying other jurisdictions and are currently preparing for a “hours of use” billing program.”


An industry article from 4 years ago.

An emerging push for time-of-use rates sparks new debates about customer and grid impacts

“Momentum is building behind time-of-use rates, but longstanding doubts about whether they are fair remain unresolved, threatening new efforts.


2) A member who lives in Sechelt believes that her smeter’s transmitter, for which she has been paying an opt fee for several years now, was recently turned on. She saw a BC Hydro truck in the neighbourhood and for some reason sensed something had occurred. She took her RF meter and it was showing a signal being emitted. She is lodging formal complaints but wonders if this has happened with anyone else. Of course people must have an RF meter to confirm.

If your smeter has been activated without your knowledge and permission, please let me know at citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca

3) When an EV burns, it takes far more water, and time, to extinguish the fire because the lithium battery needs foam, not water.

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Tesla Catches Fire While Being Driven on Highway; “Thousands of gallons were used in extinguishment.”

“The vehicle battery compartment spontaneously caught fire while it was traveling freeway speeds on EB Hwy 50. The fire was extinguished with approx 6,000 gallons of water, as the battery cells continued to combust.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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