2023-01-18 7th 5G Appeal to EU

1) Another appeal to the EU, signed by more than 400 scientists and MDs, asking in the strongest way that the exposure limits be reduced dramatically from ICNIRP’s to protect the health of all living things and a moratorium on 5G be established. This is an important document, pleading for precautionary steps before it’s too late. I believe that a similar appeal should be made to our Minister of Health and Health Canada. They, too, are ignoring science for the sake of industry whose motto should be “Profit at any price — even your health.

7th 5G Appeal – The EU’s illegal precedence of economy over health

“12. According to the EU Directive 2018/2002 62 remotely readable utility meters for water and electricity consumption are required in all apartments. They can be wired or wireless. Some wireless meters send series of pulses every second (83.100 series per day, which means 27.7 minutes every day 63  signals which are proven to be harmful for health. 64  One single smart meter can radiate as much as 100-160 cell phones. 65 Thus, a full apartment house set of 80-200 wireless smart meters produces immense harmful NIR. Therefore, all utility meters should be required to be wired so as to: (a) save energy, b) protect health, and to (c) prevent data from being misused, as Directive (EU) 2018/2002 demands: promote cybersecurity and ensure the privacy and data protection of final users in accordance with applicable Union law. The EU’s GDPR lays down that sending any information relating to an identifiable … natural person can infringe the data protection of the individual when sending wireless in all directions. Service providers must secure their services by at least – ensuring that personal data are accessed by authorised persons only (EU directive 2002/58/EC). That is possible only by using wired communication.

13. As a result of the increased consumption of energy, the harm to people and the environment, and the potential misuse of data, we consider current EU policy to grossly infringe EU primary law, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights 3 , and Children’s Fundamental rights 70 . It also infringes EU promises of energy savings as well as the EU Council’s Green Deal 58 ambitions. In order to avoid legal action we invite EU institutions to immediately take measures to make sure that EU policy fully takes all long term non-thermal, biological effects into account by drastically reducing the exposure of plants, insects, animals, humans – especially children – to wireless EMF.


2) Time-of-Day pricing is one of the reasons BC Hydro gave for justifying its application for smeters in 2010. So far, the practice has not been implemented but the capability is in place. The “peak time” can vary, as it does in many places. In Michigan, there is no “peak” for winter… yet, but peak pricing primarily affects the most vulnerable — those with young families who need to cook, wash, heat at all hours of the day, the elderly and the disabled. During horribly hot summers these people are at home, often in tiny apartments, where air conditioning is critical from 3-7pm.

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Utility to Start Time-Of-Day Pricing for Electricity; Customers Will Pay Up to 35% More During “peak hours”

“DTE Energy will begin new “time of day” rates for its customers in March to encourage customers to use less electricity during times of peak demand.

DTE customers will pay a little less for electricity than they are now, in “off-peak” hours, which is most of the time.

But they’ll pay 35% more between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on weekdays, from June through September. That’s when the utility has to fire up its expensive gas peaker plants to meet meet high demand from air conditioners and other household appliances.


3) Four studies from around the world show increased reasons for concern about the levels of EMF to which people, especially young people, are being exposed. One person, who has known affiliations with the industry and a bias against non-thermal effects, estimates dramatic increases in young people’s exposure but fails to connect the dots to health effects.

4 Studies Add to Evidence of Wireless Technology-Related Electromagnetic Radiation in Humans

“Four new studies shed light on human exposure to electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies, but the authors of one study alleged industry tried to censor their research, and in another case, critics accused researchers of having conflicts of interest with the telecom industry…

It is not just the citizens at risk today, but future generations due to the epigenetic properties this agent carries. Ignoring this situation today will lead to a false economy and a public health crisis due to the impact this technology is having on public health and the environment.

“The public may have no alternative but to make a criminal complaint against decision makers and seek prosecution and claims for compensation. Decision makers who fail to protect public health should be held personally responsible for this serious breach of duty and put on notice for betraying the public trust by ignoring the overwhelming evidence on the hazards of RF-EMF.”

4 Studies Add to Evidence of Wireless Technology-Related Electromagnetic Radiation in Humans



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters,/Citizens for Safer Tech

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