2023-01-11 Case Report on 5G exposure by Dr. Hardell & Mona Nielsson

1) Dr. Hardell and Mona Nielsson have presented a study of 2 healthy individuals’ effects after being exposed to a 5G station for only a couple of days. This is a plea for a ban on 5G and elimination, or serious reduction, of EMF/RF in our environment.

Case Report: The Microwave Syndrome after Installation of 5G Emphasizes the Need for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation

“To our knowledge, this is the first study of health outcomes in persons exposed to 5G RF radiation. Within a couple of days, a new 5G base station caused severe symptoms in two previously healthy persons that correspond to the microwave syndrome. The deployment of 5G also caused a dramatic increase in maximum (peak) microwave radiation exposure, from 9 000 µW/m2 to >2 500 000µW/m2 . The symptoms quickly reversed when the couple moved to a dwelling with much lower exposure.”


2) This describes a presentation given a couple of years ago which is an excellent example of what we all can be doing to educate our Councils. When these people understand the problem, they will be more willing to help write and support an Antenna Siting Policy which gives the community some say about if and where cell towers are erected. What really needs to be done is for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to protest the current ISED policies which restrict the Councils’ authority and ability to protect their constituents. Such action begins at the grass roots, with each Council — in preparation for each annual meeting of the Federation.

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Raising awareness of Electro-hypersensitivity in a 5G world

“According to Innisfil resident Shelley Wright, between five and eight percent of the population suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, or EHS.

A disability recognized in Sweden since 2000, the U.S. since 2002, and by the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2007, EHS is a disability triggered by electromagnetic and microwave frequencies, that can result in debilitating headaches, head pressure, slurred speech, migraines, loss of executive functioning, even skin rashes.”


3) A free “conference” with some very interesting topics.

“EMF Hazards 2023: Registrations Now Open!

The summit itself will be available, free of charge, from February 2nd to 5th.

This is a new summit, not a rehash of anything I’ve done in the past. It packs 18 brand new interviews with top EMF scientists, EMF-aware doctors, and health experts”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Things will only improve when the people – all of us – say to authorities, ‘I will hold you responsible.’ We should all be showing up at city council meetings, lighting up every community with activism and mobilization.”    Erin Brockovich

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