2022-12-06 How FCC/Health Canada Protect Telecoms

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1) Evidence has been available for many years that young people are especially vulnerable to EMF exposure. Cancer rates are increasing and, for many, the link between EMF and cancer has not been made. This study is from 2017, as is the response by Cindy Sage. As these young people age, no doubt the cancer rates will continue to increase because cancer usually takes 20+ years to develop after exposure.

The increasing toll of adolescent cancer incidence in the US

“Cancer incidence is rising among adolescents (“teens”). The causes of the increase are unknown but studying incidence patterns and trends may produce insights into etiology. Using data from the US National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program we described trends of cancer incidence among teens (15–19 year olds).”


Testicular Cancer in Teenage Boys: Is Cell Phone Radiation a Risk Factor for Young Boys Who Wear their Cell Phone on a Belt or in a Front Pocket?  Cindy Sage


In response to recent reports about the declining male fertility, Martin Pall shared the following in an email:

“It is not just sperm counts that are going down.
Sperm motility, which is at least as important, is going down. And normal sperm morphology has plummeted — such that in many countries only 2 to 4% of sperm are morphologically normal.

And apoptotic cell death is increasing!!

Each of these three have been shown to be caused in human sperm by microwave EMF exposures including from cell phone radiation and Wi-Fi.

EMF motility effects, morphology effects and apoptotic effects have been repeatedly been shown to occur in experimental studies on human sperm.

So yes, we are in great risk of extinction from reproductive collapse caused by EMF exposures.”

Martin Pall

2) Some evidence seems to point to ancient man knowing about and practicing acupuncture.

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EMF/RF/5G: Ötzi vs. SAM; Does Frozen 5300-Year-Old Man Offer More to Wireless Science Than Industry “Safety” Tests?

“In 1991, a frozen body was discovered in Austria. The Iceman became known as Ötzi. Researchers studying the 5300-year-old iceman made some remarkable discoveries regarding his health and lifestyle.”

EMF/RF/5G: Ötzi vs. SAM; Does Frozen 5300-Year-Old Man Offer More to Wireless Science Than Industry “Safety” Tests?


3) The people and Council in Pittsfield are not giving up after their Board of Health fought, but was overruled in its efforts, to stop a Verizon cell tower from operating in a residential neighbourhood. Now they are putting pressure on the FCC and its outdated, non-protective guidelines. Like Health Canada, the FCC has the final say, and fails to consider the safety of radiation emitted by these towers relevant.

Pittsfield councilors want answers on whether a cell tower could be making people ill

Petitions OK’d by the council call for the FCC to update its 1996 radiofrequency emissions rule

“This week, the majority of city councilors voted to support petitions that ask either Mayor Linda Tyer or Council President Peter Marchetti to send letters to state and federal representatives asking them to advocate that the Federal Communications Commission reevaluate its radiofrequency exposure limits.”


And like Health Canada, the FCC ignores independent science, instead supporting the industry. There are major conflicts on interest at play and those who raise concerns, such as Dr. Henry Lai, face criticism, loss of work, and ultimately are ignored. In this article, just about every statement made about FCC applies to Health Canada as well.

How the FCC Shields Wireless Cellphone Companies From Safety Concerns

“… Worse, from Orsi’s perspective, federal law and FCC rules are so aligned with the industry that state and local governments are barred from taking action to block cell towers to protect the health of their citizens, even as companies are explicitly empowered to sue any government that tries to take such an action. It turned out that Verizon, in such matters, has more legal rights than the people of Pittsfield….

“It’s a slog at the moment to convince people this isn’t just crazy stuff,” said Louis Slesin, an MIT-trained environmental policy Ph.D. and the editor of Microwave News, an industry newsletter that has chronicled the wireless-radiation debate for four decades. “This is part of the organized campaign to devalue the science, with the government as a co-conspirator. The other really important factor is nobody wants to hear this because everybody loves the technology. If you shut down people’s phones, the country would come to a stop.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness.”     Arthur Schopenhauer

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