2022-12-01 63 meter tower Rogers plans for Hornby Island

1) An announcement appeared in the Nov. 23 Comox Valley Record, announcing plans to erect a 63 meter cell tower on Hornby Island on provincial property. Is it near homes, schools or a hospital, or in an environmentally fragile area? Gregg doesn’t want to meet with people but rather is scheduling a Zoom meeting on Dec. 8. Wonder if the meetings with the folks in Comox Valley has made him gun-shy. The people on Hornby have to organize, get as many details as possible.

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2) Newsletter from Kate Khell and Safe Tech International. Several very interesting articles.

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3) On occasion, someone asks me about a pendant or some other gadget that promises to protect the owner from the microwave radiation that has engulfed our environment. I got this “recommendation” from a group called Health Means More. If only there were something like this that could absorb or reflect all of the emissions but, sadly, there isn’t. Several times I’ve sent articles/ads like this one to Dr. Louis Slesin of Microwave News asking if there is any validity in the claims made, and his response is always — “this is a scam”, there is no “magic” safeguard. Distance or not using wireless devices will protect.

What is especially egregious is that people who are not informed but are worried will buy these things thinking they can continue using their wireless gadgets without worry, perhaps not taking precautions they otherwise would have.

When I wrote to the sender about this, she said her readers were concerned and she just wanted to help them. I’ve sent her information and asked her to share it with her readers so she could give them the help she intends.




From: Sheila Pratt (name given with permission) (Individual copies were sent to each member)
Subject: Amendments to CEPA
Date: November 30, 2022 at 4:19:22 PM PST
To: francis.scarpaleggia@parl.gc.ca

To the ENVI Chair,

I am very concerned about the environment that is constantly being bombarded by human activity.

When wireless technologies were introduced, it was assumed that they were a harmless addition to our environment, however there have been an increasing number of scientific studies questioning this assumption. I have become aware only of warnings; I have seen no proof that they are harmless. Because the powerful tobacco industry assured us their product was harmless (yes, I’m old enough to remember that!), and because the powerful fossil fuel industry also assured us their products were harmless, I do not trust powerful industries who assure us that their products are harmless, especially when there are those in the scientific community who claim otherwise.

Since we are being told by a growing number of scientists that wildlife, including the small pollinators who are necessary for our food production, can be affected by radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR), I would like to see protections included in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) via Bill S-5.

I vote.

Sheila Pratt


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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