2022-11-30 Help Keep New Mexico Smeter Free

1) Unlike BC Hydro and FortisBC, and the BC Utilities Commission, in 2017 the public was able, with support from many groups, to refuse to allow smeters to be put on homes in many parts of New Mexico. Now, the utility company is back with the new version (Gen 5 Riva) of the ITRON smeters we had forced on us.

Arthur Firstenberg is asking for people to write about their experiences with smeters to help support their fight to keep their analogs. I hope you’ll consider helping Arthur.

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Help keep New Mexico smart meter free! – November 29, 2022

“You can help us defeat PNM’s new application and preserve New Mexico as a refuge and an example to the world of what the people can do to protect our health and environment. 300,000 people worldwide subscribe to my newsletters. If thousands of you write to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, that will have an impact. The public is specifically entitled to submit comments in any proceeding under the PRC’s rules.”


2) Mapping the Technosphere * November 2022 newsletter from Katie Singer

Katie Singer’s video, “Tracing the Internet’s supply chains to reduce technology’s impacts on nature” will show at The Nova Institute’s annual conference December 1-2, 2022. Register for the free conference here. See more details about it here.

See Katie Singer’s video here: OurWeb.tech/letter-47


3) ARPANSA is Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, the equivalent of Health Canada in many ways — it, too, denies non-thermal effects and twists science in order to maintain the status quo (ICNIRP’s standard). ORSAA (Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc.) is criticizing its new paper which is now being used by industry to say that there is no evidence that 5G, including mmWave, is harmful to support its densification of transmitters to support its 5G grid buildout. ORSAA describes the strategy used as the same one used by the tobacco industry for many years.

Comment on: “5G mobile networks and health – a-state-of-the-science review of the research into low-level RF fields above 6 GHz” by Karipidis et al

“A host of study design weaknesses in the existing literature were critiqued throughout the Karipidis review. In spite of the apparent lack of rigour attributed to many papers, Karipidis concluded that “experimental studies provided no confirmed evidence that low-level MMWs are associated with biological effects relevant to human health” and similarly, that radar-related epidemiological studies “presented little evidence of an association between low-level MMWs and any adverse health effects”.

This line of reasoning parallels that used previously by scientists working for the tobacco industry, whose studies repeatedly arrived at conclusions suggesting no clear determination of harm could be made [4]. This was part of a broader strategy of manufacturing doubt about the potential negative health effects of their product,..

“The very nature of scientific exploration is to ask and answer the next question. But rather than accepting the process of scientific discovery, business interests press to have every tiny bit of uncertainty explored before any policy decision can be made, demanding proof rather than precaution—in fact, they even manufacture uncertainty. As a result, decisions are not made; policy is not advanced; problems are not addressed.””


A short, interesting paper is available in full at:



Sharon Noble,  Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.”     Maya Angelou

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