2022-11-10 FCC shields Telecoms

1) Thanks to Louis Slesin of Microwave News for sharing this article. According to the author, in the 15 months since the Court ordered FCC to provide science-based reasons for maintaining its guidelines, the FCC has done absolutely nothing and is getting away with allowing more towers to be built close to homes and schools, more dangerous cellphones to be sold, and more people to be exposed to what many experts say is a carcinogen. FCC and Health Canada/ISED all have major biases and they aren’t in our favour.

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How the FCC Shields Cellphone Companies from Safety Concerns

“The FCC is an improbable organization to serve the role of protecting humans. It specializes in technical issues that make the communications system function, not in health and safety. “At the FCC, they feel like this is really not their problem,” said Edwin Mantiply, who dealt with cellphone-radiation issues before retiring from the agency four years ago. “It’s not their job to do this kind of thing. They might have a token biologist or two, but that’s not their job.” The result, Mantiply said, was that in situations where the science isn’t black and white — and it isn’t when it comes to cellphones — the agency tended to listen to the telecom industry, which vehemently insists that cellphones are safe. “They don’t really want to deal with uncertainty,” Mantiply said of the FCC….

Both the FCC and Food and Drug Administration websites dismiss the existence of any special health risk to children. And the agencies don’t counsel people to limit their exposure. Instead they list safety steps, while insisting they’re really not necessary….

Of course, the wireless industry has every incentive to take this position. Going back to the 1990s, the industry has recognized the financial peril posed by health concerns over radiation, and it has pressed the public and government to reject them altogether.


2) From Fiber Broadband Association. The customer is demanding speed plus more, and there is much discussion by this group about fiber to homes, total fiber infrastructure. If anyone is interested in learning about community fibre networks, there are several communities already working on them. Project information is available under “announcements” in the article. Read some of the twitter comments such as these:

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The economic and social benefits that communities see from a full-fiber infrastructure are limitless. Fiber creates jobs and attracts businesses, stimulates startups and small businesses and diversifies the tax base.

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#FiberBroadband is a game changer. It’s about better customer experiences and more opportunities. Better #CloudGaming, #WorkFromHome, #learnfromHome #telemedicine, #StreamingVideo. Fiber marks the last time your street is dug up. Long-lasting, low-power equipment.

Service Quality the Key to Future Success

“With new fiber deployments expected to reach over 100 million homes by the end of 2030, service providers need to move beyond speed as a competitive metric for market success.”


3) Much research is being done to counter the telecom claim that wireless technology, especially 5G, will help fight climate change, and this research is confirming our worst fears. The very opposite is true. The situation is becoming urgent yet these corporations will do anything for profit.

A group I’ve never heard of before, The Shift Project, “is a French think tank advocating the shift to a post-carbon economy. As a non-profit organisation committed to serving the general interest through scientific objectivity, we are dedicated to informing and influencing the debate on energy transition in Europe.” Its website is well worth reviewing.



“Did you know that researchers are cautioning that 5G could contribute to climate change and increase energy consumption?

“The wireless industry is engaging in greenwashing 5G,” stated Theodora Scarato Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust Scarato pointed to the CTIA wireless industry’s new campaign “5G is Fighting Climate Change” with images of the earth sprouting green vines and cell towers and called it “industry disinformation.” She pointed out numerous reports indicate that 5G and the 5G ecosystem which will include billions of new devices will in fact “increase energy consumption and contribute to climate change””

5G and Climate Change: Research on Carbon, Land and Water Footprint



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”    Winston Churchill

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