2022-11-08 Telecoms to ISED: 5G mmWave auction premature

1) If you recall, you were asked to submit comments regarding the 5G mmWave auction that ISED is planning. Many of you wrote about your personal experiences with EMF, others wrote about the available science that is being ignored by Health Canada and ISED. In addition, telecoms were allowed to provide comments and about 19 of them did. Surprisingly, several of them felt that, for various reasons, the auction should be delayed if not called off.

A major Press Release has just been sent out, summarizing comments/concerns supporting a delay. This will give time for studies to be completed showing potential health effects from exposures to these frequencies, as well as allowing fibre optic cable to be employed thus eliminating/reducing the need for 5G. Please share this Press Release with your local media. People deserve to know that the push by ISED is without justification.

Federal consultation yields surprising common ground: the proposed 5G mmWave auction is premature, at best

“OTTAWA ‐ November 8, 2022. Citizens advocating for safer wired telecommunications, and companies utilizing wireless frequencies seem to agree that an auction of millimetre wave (mmWave) radiofrequency spectrum in 2024 is premature at best. The surprising finding arises from a recent consultation held by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). “At this time, the equipment ecosystem and business cases for mmWave spectrum are not mature enough to justify significant deployments in most locations,” wrote Rogers Communications in their submission—a view that was echoed by many industry respondents. Québecor Média, one of the largest regional telecommunications providers stated, “holding this auction in 2024 is premature.””


https://preventcancernow.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Spectre5GCommunique_de_presse_2022Nov.pdf   French

Background information not included in the Press Release, with links to significant information.


https://preventcancernow.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Spectre5GComplement-2022Nov.pdf   French

2) More US government people are experiencing symptoms called “Havana Syndrome”. The most recent are FBI agents in Florida.

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“Local Miami FBI agents have also started to say they are suffering from the attacks, some have hired attorneys to investigate.

CNN sent their reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta a brain surgeon there recently. Gupta did an hour-long special on Havana Syndrome and the likelihood it could be a weapon from an enemy such as Russia or China targeting Americans. Reports of the attacks usually affect the ears and brain with those affected suffering severe head pain and an odd list of other unexplainable medical issues. The CIA even sent one of its own doctors to Havana who was interviewed by Dr. Gupta while in disguise to protect his identity. This CIA doctor is also a brain specialist and he suffered from an attack while staying at a Havana hotel. Local reports involve FBI agents based in Miami seeing a white van parked nearby before they suffered an attack.”


3) Huge 5G antennae are being installed in New York City. They are more than 30 feet high and within 10 feet of buildings where people live. We haven’t seen these montrosities, only the smaller microcells.


What Are Those Mysterious New Towers Looming Over New York’s Sidewalks?

“A curiously futuristic tower recently appeared on the corner of Putnam and Bedford Avenues in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. A gray column topped by a perforated casing, at a whopping 32 feet tall, it reaches higher than the three-story brick building behind it….

The object in question is a new 5G antenna tower erected by LinkNYC, the latest hardware in New York’s sweeping technological upgrade….

The imposing antenna is mounted on top of a slender pole, three stories high — more than 30 feet in the air — and right in front of Ms. Formica’s living-room window. It’s also just steps away from where their 5-month-old baby sleeps, which makes Ms. Formica uncomfortable.”



4) In the email below, Marcus Schluschen describes an encounter and a discussion re. gifts given to someone by her son. No doubt gifts such as these are given by loving relatives, with the best of intentions, thinking they will help keep a loved one safe. What is really most disturbing is the reaction of the doctor: sensory overload??? This seems like medical incompetence to me. Education is desperately needed.


Hi Sharon,

Several days ago, I met a fit senior who told me that whenever she hikes in nature, she gets dizzy. She had to be helped out by hikers who happen to be coming by, as she was unable to go on. Her doctor blamed sensory overload from fresh air, trees and the fragrances of nature! ???????

After asking her a few questions, it turned out that she carries her iPhone in a small purse, right on her chest! When I measured the radiation levels, they were far in the extreme, even when I took readings from a couple feet away. “That’s not good, that’s frightening” she said to me.

Then she showed me her smart watch, which also emitted extreme radiation levels, and told me that ever since her son gave her both the smart watch, as well as the iPhone, she did not sleep well, felt fatigued, and suffered constant brain fog, which she found very disturbing since she used to be a journalist.
It turns out that she also keeps the iPhone right next to her bed on the night table, and wears the smart watch 24/7.

When I told her that, according to research, iPhones and smart watches create blood abnormalities, such as Hypoxia / Rouleaux Formation, she put the iPhone and smart watch into her shopping bag and was happy to learn more. I left her with a couple of science websites and my email contact.

Since she suffered brain fog during a normal day, it comes as no surprise she would suffer dizziness when hiking, as more oxygen is required due to greater physical activity. She did mention, a couple of times, that this only started after she received these wireless devices from her son.

How many people are misdiagnosed, receive unnecessary medications, suffer and die prematurely, because doctors are oblivious to RF science?

All the best,


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.”   Aristotle

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