2022-10-19 5G: The Next Extinction?

1) This is the second of the 2 articles summarizing a major report by an international group of scientists, demonstrating that thousands of studies prove that EMF is dangerous, and charging that governments are putting profit over health. The first part was in the Oct. 7 update.

Scientists warn EU of wireless radiation risks – part 1https://emraustralia.com.au/blogs/news-1/scientists-warn-eu-of-wireless-radiation-risks-part-1

Scientists warn EU of wireless radiation risks – part 2

“The authors say, ‘The Commission’s latest moves to prioritise industry interests over human health leave it internally conflicted between its plans for a supposed golden future and its core values. Rather than deal with the enormity of the problem that the known health risks from RFR present, the Council of the EU has instead chosen a path of denial.’”


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The full report:

The European Union prioritises economics over health in the rollout of radiofrequency technologies


2) This presentation was given at the World Council for Health’s General Assembly Meeting on Oct. 10 2022.

5G: The Next Extinction?

“Ian Jarvis (🇬🇧) |5G: The Next Extinction?— Ian Jarvis comes to you fresh from over 30 years of IT practical experience for the UK government and private industry, as well as some 25 years in body therapy and movement.With a B.Sc. in Computing Science, he has dedicated himself to researching 5G in addition to the issues around all RFR/EMF/WCR, working as part of Wolves Action Group to prevent more 5G towers from being erected. Ian’s presentation focuses on the dangers of 5G technology.”

https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/5g-ian-jarvis/        (video 35 min.)

3) Patti and Doug Wood ( of ART) have a new website with news and podcasts (weekly) about various environmental issues, including EMF/RF. This week is about the infamous cell tower in a Massachusetts neighbourhood that caused several people to become ill, including Courtney Gilardi’s daughter. Courtney has led a major battle for the right to live safely in her own home.

Don’t miss this week’s episode of the Green Street News, featuring the story of Courtney Gilardi and the giant cell tower in her neighborhood in Pittsfield, MA.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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