2022-10-13 Electrical Pollution and Microwave Illnesses

1) A very interesting article by Patricia Burke that covers EMF’s association with EHS, Alzheimers and increases in neurological diseases, and Acupuncture.

Acupuncture and EHS/Microwave Illnesses; Taking Another Look at Electrical Pollution

“Although consumers are mostly unaware, researchers and laypersons worldwide have been studying the phenomenon of symptom onset, illness, and disability associated with exposure to radarmicrowavesnon-ionizing radiation, and other artificial, manmade frequencies, for decades.

A wave of so-called “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” complaints emerged when utilities began installing wireless meters and powerline communications onto the electric grid. Reports of harm also have accompanied the installation of towers and antennas, including 5G, in residential areas.


2) Several of us are still arguing against BCUC approving FortisBC’s application to replace all of our analog gas meters with smart meters. The system, to an outsider looking in, appears to be unfair. FortisBC has one “expert” — Exponent, the company it hired to support its application. Exponent is a corporation that has been called, by people such as David Michaels in his book “Doubt is their product“, a product defense company. Exponent has supported/defended dangerous products ranging from tobacco to agent orange, and this is the company FortisBC has hired twice, once several years ago to support its electric smeters, and now. Their reports and statements are not given under oath, so the truthfulness and accuracy are dubious at best. We provide experts, like Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Paul Heroux and Dr. Anthony Miller, who testify that their information is accurate.

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A member wrote this letter asking for it to be included as a comment that would be included in the package reviewed by the panel, but BCUC said the deadline had passed and refused to accept it.


3) A website developed by a group of local people in Nanaimo, BC with some good info about 5G. Probably the place with the greatest likelihood of being seen.

What is 5G?

“5G was turned on in the beginning of this year and the frequency was turned up to 3500MHz (or 3.5GHz) in Nanaimo in June. Nanaimo was the first city in the entire country to act as the testing ground for this increased frequency.”


See Update 2022-06-20

2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2022-06-20-rogers-first-3500-mhz-5g-network-in-nanaimo/



Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”      Pittsfield, Massachusetts group



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