2022-10-11 Cellphones: Cigarettes of 21st century

1) As more and more cell towers are being built to accommodate 5G and expanded wireless, Councils and residents need to know about inherent dangers ranging from fires, collapse, falling ice, stolen copper lines, etc.

Cell Tower Fires, Collapse and Criminal Activity

“Cell towers present safety risks when proposed at schools and in neighborhoods. Cell towers are industrial machinery and have series risks.

In addition, worker safety has been an ongoing safety issue. If a cell tower is proposed near a school or home, please ensure an engineer has evaluated the site and mitigated all hazards., Get the evaluation in a sealed report. ”

Cell Tower Safety Risks Fires and Collapse


2) Read this article about tobacco changing the product to cell phones. Addiction is similar as are the known health risks and profit to government. Cellphones have been called the cigarette of the 21st century.

Lawsuits are occurring and, with a big win, people will take note; but will they care enough about the next generation to demand changes?

Canada is an undisputed global leader in its anti-smoking strategies. What comes next?

“The genesis of the Canadian anti-smoking strategy began in the summer of 1963 when the federal minister of health, Judy LaMarsh, announced in the House of Commons that there was evidence linking smoking to lung cancer. Her statement caused a small wave, which gathered strength less than a year later when the top doctor in the U.S., surgeon-general Luther Terry, dropped his bad-news smoke bomb: a groundbreaking 1964 report linking smoking to cancer and other illnesses. Dr. Terry, surprisingly, was himself a smoker.”


3) I found this statement in a comment by a telecom given to ISED. Do people on Texada know about this? This is a station that communicates with satellites, both sending and receiving signals in the 600 MHz range and the 37-3900Mhz range. Encumbrance means interference with other cellular signals, such as those from cell towers.

“the presence of an earth station on Texada Island (located in BC’s Gulf Islands in the 4-157 Powell River service area) has led to the encumbrance of all 3700-3900 MHz spectrum in the Vancouver, Nanaimo and Courtenay”

4) The US government still has no firm cause of the trauma suffered by hundreds of its employees working around the world. Many symptoms are consistent with exposure to EMF, but some have permanent brain damage. If the government confirms that EMF was the culprit, will that change the stance on wireless radiation and devices to which we all are being exposed?

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CIA agents believe agency not doing enough to investigate Havana Syndrome, report says

“Beginning in 2016, injuries including dizziness, loss of balance, nausea and a ringing sound in sufferers ears have been reported among an estimated 200 or more people….

The CIA said in its preliminary report that a “pulse electromagnetic energy, particularly in the radio frequency range, plausibly explains” symptoms associated with the strange illness, although that remains unconfirmed.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other senior intelligence officials have pledged to help those effected as well as investigate the phenomenon, which has affected US staffers and their families in locations including Austria, China, Russia and Vietnam.”


More info links: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/us-senate-finally-admits-that-neuroweapons-exist-passes-bill-to-help-diplomat-victims-s-1828-havana-act-of-2021/


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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