2022-09-29 Engineer’s Report re. smeters

1) This is a report by a highly qualified forensic Electrical Engineer that was presented recently to support a Pennsylvania Supreme Court case against smeters.

Even with the transmitters disabled, the level of dirty electricity (‘noise’) on home wiring is a major problem.

This information, no doubt, was available to BC Hydro and FortisBC when they chose to replace safe analogs with wireless smeters, but they did it anyway, withholding information from their customers and BCUC.

“It is my expert opinion that these smart and digital meters cause a significant amount of radio-frequency (RF) “noise” on homes’ electric wiring system, thereby transforming them into a whole house antenna….

Smart meters create intense exposure to pulsed radio frequencies (RF) in a few ways. RF antennas are embedded within the smart meter to transmit data usage to utility companies and/or to communicate with other smart meters or with other “smart” devices like home thermostats. These antennas emit pulsed RF radiation….

The RF antennas that wirelessly transmit the consumer’s electrical power usage data to the utility company use frequencies in the 900 MHz & 2,400 MHz range. These emissions are intense and can occur often, up to 190,000 times a day. From my experience and testing done by others, these meters transmit more times than the electric companies report. This can easily be shown by measuring the emissions with a simple RF meter.”


2) Telecoms are using the current infrastructure, putting microcells/transmitters on existing poles on public rights of way — apparently without being taxed. What about zoning all cell tower sites as commercial land and assessing and taxing based on that tax rate? Currently, some towers are on private land zoned as residential, with the owner paying far less tax than they woud if zoning were changed. And probably no property tax is paid for towers on First Nations property.

These B.C. cities want to tax your cellphone company

Three large B.C. municipalities want cellphone and wireless network carriers to pay a one per cent tax on their revenue.

Surrey, Burnaby and Richmond have filed a claim in B.C. Supreme Court, asking a judge to have the carriers declared a utility company under the Local Government Act.

The cities are asking the court to make such a declaration because the companies are using infrastructure — legally known as “specified improvements” — within the municipality and generating revenue from it.”


3) Sadly, many children are given wireless devices at very young ages to keep them busy, in well-intended efforts to help them “advance”, etc. but many studies have shown that the perceived benefits are far outweighed by the potential harm — addiction, social development and, of course, exposure to RF.

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Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri can negatively impact a child’s social development

“Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri can stunt a child’s social and emotional development, new research reveals.

Most smartphones children use have a voice app, such as Amazon’s or Apple’s smart technology. However, scientists now say they can impede critical thinking, empathy, compassion, and learning skills.

“The lack of ability to engage in non-verbal communication makes use of the devices a poor method of learning social interaction,” writes Anmol Arora of the University of Cambridge in a media release.“While in normal human interactions, a child would usually receive constructive feedback if they were to behave inappropriately, this is beyond the scope of a smart device.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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