2022-09-13 In Defense of Crickets

There is only one item in tonight’s update — which includes 3 articles related to the “Havana Syndrome”. All 3 parts are available in this 3rd part.

This series is an important read, ranging from the historical microwaving of Americans in their Moscow Embassy in the 1960s and the government’s hiding of the “attack” from the victims and the US public that is well documented in Part 1, to the government’s assertion that the “noise” people reported hearing during the recent events in Havana and elsewhere was caused by crickets and that mass psychosis could have played a part in the brain damage that occurred in Part 3.

In Defense of Crickets Part 3 of 3; Havana, Internal Electric Fields, Kilohertz Frequencies, Cell Signaling, & Sub-Carrier Waves

Part 1 considered the historical record regarding the Moscow Signal, and the assessment by an advisory committee to the U.S. military that sounds most recently heard and recorded by injured diplomats (Havana Syndrome) were crickets.

Part 2 features Lyn McLean of EMR Australia, presenting concerns that some humans “hear” microwave radiation.

In Part 3, Paul Harding discusses an unacknowledged culprit and likely mechanism of harm; artificial internal electric fields being introduced by Kilohertz frequencies riding on subcarrier waves, in both wired and wireless applications.

Whether unintentional or weaponized, the introduction of internal electric fields into the body, including the nerves and brain, with damage to the blood-brain barrier and cell walls, caused by kilohertz frequencies riding on subcarrier waves in both wireless and wired technologies, may be the unacknowledged culprit.”

In Defense of Crickets Part 3 of 3; Havana, Internal Electric Fields, Kilohertz Frequencies, Cell Signaling, & Sub-Carrier Waves


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There are references to studies done by the US Government from the 1960s proving that the government has known that microwave radiation is dangerous. Dr. Zory Glaser donated to Dr. Magda Havas thousands of studies that had been classified, but were unclassified prior to his retirement. Many of them can be found at:


More info: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/us-senate-finally-admits-that-neuroweapons-exist-passes-bill-to-help-diplomat-victims-s-1828-havana-act-of-2021/


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