2022-09-08 Is this the time for microgrids?

1) No automatic shut off by smeters as in Colorado but Californians are being asked for voluntary energy reduction during the current major heat spell. I wonder if the huge data storage units, which use so much energy, are being asked to reduce usage, too. And what about more energy that is being used by all the additional cell towers and microcells to support 5G?

Local, community-owned microgrids could alleviate/eliminate this dependence on the huge grid.

California warns residents, don’t charge EVs due to heat taxing power grid

“If weather or grid conditions worsen, the ISO may issue a series of emergency notifications to access additional resources and prepare market participants and the public for potential energy shortages and the need to conserve,” it said.


Dr. Timothy Schoechle has written extensively about the potential for better, safer and more reliable power via microgrids.

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Intelligent Energy: Operating Systems for the Solar Homes and Microgrids of the Future


or   https://tinyurl.com/2z4f5f7y

2) The promotion of electric cars and the required update of the power grid should go hand in hand and should have been done long ago. The fossil fuel industry killed the electric car experiment in the 1990s:

Who Killed the Electric Car” – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0489037/

EV Mandates Being Considered in 17 States Despite Risks to Grids; 3 States “rebelling against rapidly moving toward electric vehicles”

“The problem with states mandating future new car sales to be 100% electric in 13 years is that power grids will need a drastic upgrade to handle the millions of new EVs. Consider California. There are more than a million plug-in vehicles registered in the state, and in the last week, utility officials requested EV owners not to charge their vehicles due to a menacing heatwave.

Without a power grid overhaul to reliable on-demand clean energy, such as nuclear, grids across the country will be under extreme duress in the future of increased EVs on roads, leading to instability issues and frequent blackouts, similar to a third world country (or California).”


3) The Connected Coast project continues to provide fiber optic internet access to more remote areas of the coast.

More than 600 Gambier and Keats homes to get high-speed internet

“High-speed internet will soon be provided to 663 households on Gambier and Keats islands, via a to-be-built subsea fibre optic connection….

“The benefits of today’s announcement will be measured in decades, not years. This new state of the art fibre optic network will future-proof both of these communities, ensuring residents, businesses and visitors alike have access to safe, reliable and, most importantly, fast internet services. Linking this last mile project with the Connected Coast subsea fibre optic line will bring even more stability to the on-island networks…”



Even though the deadline has passed for submitting letters to the ISED (at least for now), I’ve some more great letters whose authors have agreed to share.

From: Inge Bolin (name given with permission)

September 5, 2022

Regarding: Spectrum Auctions

Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 156, Number 25, June 18, 2022, Notice No. SPB-001-22: Consultation on a Policy and Licensing Framework for Spectrum in the 26, 28 and 38 GHz Bands

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is very disheartening and shocking that Canada may consider installing 5G without informing their residents about the cumulative impact of 3G, 4G and 5G on the health of humans, animals and all of nature. Research published in many books, videos and thousands of articles describe the serious impact of EMR as it stands today and predict an even worse situation should the rollout of 5G actually occur.

It is my understanding that the world’s largest insurance companies Lloyds of London and Swiss Re know the tremendous risk of dealing with EMR and, therefore, exclude liability coverage for harm from RF EMF wireless radiation.

Electro sensitivity and electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) are on the rise in people of all walks of life, among them Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, who was three times elected prime minister of Norway and then the head of the WHO. Where should people plagued by EHS go to find relief from their horrendous suffering in a world that is irradiated from the earth and sky? Cancer has also become rampant with much of it being attributed to EMR.

Since EMR negatively affects all living beings and nature at large, should Homo sapiens not use wisdom and foresight in preserving our fauna and flora which we depend on in our struggle to survive? Albert Einstein predicted that after the bees have disappeared, humanity will only have 4 years of life left on this planet.

My own long-term research and applied work, from the Amazon jungle to the heights of the Andes where glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, indicates that the toxic RF EMR pollution from billions of gadgets and devices participate to a large degree in driving the Climate Catastrophe. Please place a moratorium on the rollout of 5G. As you help to promote the survival of ALL life on this planet, our children and future generations will thank you forever.


Inge Bolin, PhD


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/ Citizens for Safer Tech

“The upward course of a nation’s history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women.”              Queen Elizabeth II


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