2022-09-07 Telus plans new towers on Cortes Island

1) You will recall efforts by Dr. Meg Sears and C4ST to have CEPA amended to ensure the right to a healthy environment.

Protect Birds, Bees and Trees: Include Anthropogenic Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation in CEPA


She will be one of the experts participating in this series of webinars hosted by the Canadian Environment Law Association. Registration is required.

Where’s the Protection? A Webinar Series on the Review and Reform of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

Wednesdays from 1:00-2:15pm ET – September 21, October 12, 19 & 26, 2022

“The Canadian Government will likely introduce Bill S-5, an Act to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), into the House of Commons this fall. CEPA regulates everything from the most dangerous pollutants, to plastic manufactured items, to genetically engineered animals.

The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) and Nature Canada invite you to a webinar series discussing CEPA reform and the need to significantly strengthen the Act. We hope that the webinar series will generate discussion and encourage others to engage in the CEPA reform process.”


2) People on Cortes Island have formed a new group Safe Tech Cortes to try to prevent Telus from building a cell tower near homes and community hub. Cortes is a small island and I was told there is a cell tower there already, but Telus is planning on adding a total of 3 more. As we know, Telus is expanding its grid to accommodate 5G and, as usually happens, more transmitters will be added to each tower without any further notification at all. Telus is planning to erect this tower on the edge of a large area (park I believe) although a better spot is deeper into the park area.

The land is owned by a First Nations band that lives in Powell River, not on Cortes, and emails, letters, scientific and environmental reports, and petitions to the Council have gone unanswered. If anyone has suggestions or wants more information, email for this group is:   safetech.cortes@protonmail.com

“I, as a member of Safe Tech Cortes, am reaching out about a 63 m Telus tower that is scheduled to go up very close to my home. It’s a small rural community on Cortes Island BC. Our community is totally against this, we have written letters, done petitions etc but they are still going ahead. My home will be closest to this tower and I am absolutely devastated, we are all out of ideas. Is there any way your organisation can offer help.

We are desperately trying to figure out options for our community as Telus has recently proposed the construction of a new cellular tower near Mansons Landing (the community hub) on our island.

Very brief backstory: They originally proposed this tower last year on existing Telus land — they were going to replace their old tower with an updated one. The community response was a clear NO, and there was lack of support for the tower from our local government and the SRD (Strathcona Regional District) and so Telus dropped the proposal. A year later, they proposed a new site, about 800m away (on the same road) this time on Tla’amin First Nations land. Despite receiving hundreds of letters from Cortes community members who are opposed to the tower, and an additional hundreds of signatures on a petition, Telus and Tla’amin have appeared to come to a deal and the news is that the tower is slated to be constructed this fall. Our SRD has, apparently, no say in the matter as the land is First Nations and therefore out of their jurisdiction.”



3) Jean Hudon, a long-time colleague and advocate from Quebec, has shared his excellent submission to the ISED. In it he addresses many significant points that often are overlooked when writing about important issues such as Safety Code 6, health issues and studies, etc. Please consider sharing widely with your friends, Councillors, etc.


As a reminder, below is the information about the ISED submissions, and, please note, that our group joined with what will soon be our official name, Citizens for Safer Tech. The migration to this new name has been long in coming primarily because we haven’t been able to figure out how to keep our history and all of our links that are on our website associated with the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters. It was established in 2010 specifically to confront the government’s demand that we have EMF-emitting transmitters (aka smart meters) on our homes. Over the years, we have been concerned with all wireless devices and the new name reflects that.

We haven’t overcome the website/history issue, so we will be setting up a new website while maintaining the old one. This will require additional costs and at some time (but not yet), I may have to ask for donations to cover them.

Canadian experts and citizens’ groups object to release of mmWave spectrum and call for a moratorium on 5G expansion



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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