2022-09-06 Colorado smeters turn off AC

1) One of our worst fears has come to pass in Colorado — the customer’s loss of control thanks to smeters. Last summer, I was told (but was unable to confirm) that one elderly person had suffered a heat stroke because the utility in Toronto had turned her new AC off. Apparently, people are incentivized to allow the utility to control energy usage (I assume during extreme cold periods, too) without understanding exactly what they are signing away.

Power Company Seizes Control Of Thermostats using Smart Meters

“Around 22,000 households in Colorado recently lost the ability to control their thermostats after the power company seized control of them during a heatwave….

Xcel confirmed to local news station Denver7 that “22,000 customers who had signed up for the Colorado AC Rewards program were locked out of their smart thermostats for hours on Tuesday.””



2) In response to the article in ‘Psychology Today’, Dr. Kent Chamberlin wrote this 3 page letter that could be used to confront assertions that RF is safe by school officials, telecoms, Councils, etc.

“As documented in the Commission’s final report, the strong consensus of the commission was that wireless radiation exposure poses a significant threat to human health, which include, but are not limited to, the risk of neuropsychiatric effects. Examples of neuropsychiatric effects triggered by radiofrequency-electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) exposure are seizures, cognitive impairment, attention deficit disorder, migraine, and may include emotional disturbances such as anxiety and depression. Exposure to RF-EMF may include sperm damage, oxidative stress, DNA damage and cancer.

This consensus finding is consistent with the testimony of all the experts who presented to the commission with only one exception, and that was from the outside expert brought in by the telecommunications industry. That expert, who was the only expert paid to present, made claims like those made by Dr. Pierre in his article, namely that non-thermal, non-ionizing radiation does not cause adverse health effects other than heat-related effects. All of the other eight experts provided evidence of the harmful biological effects of wireless radiation at non-thermal levels. From the perspective of the New Hampshire commission, Dr. Pierre’s viewpoint appears to be aligned with industry and not with the majority of independent scientists who have investigated wireless radiation effects.”


or   https://tinyurl.com/3fkxuvnu

If you wish to add your comments regarding Dr. Pierre’s biased article, here is where you can do it.

Psychology Today Article by Joe Pierre MD (psychiatrist) -” Tin Foil Hats Tired Trope Or Sign Of The Times”:

Responses to the Psychology Today article can be made online at: Feedback | Psychology Today, https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/feedback

– Joe Pierre has also presented some of the info included in the article as part of a series of presentations on conspiracy theories. His presentation has been publicized on his twitter account. Comments on the subject matter can also be made via Twitter at: Joe Pierre, MD @psychunseen

3) An Indian business journal is raising concern about the safety of 5G technology, and is confirming that there are health risks associated with other pre-5G technologies. India’s official maximum exposure guideline is 1/100 that of Canada’s Safety Code 6 for non-milliwave frequencies.

Can 5G technology cause cancer? There’s a lot we don’t know and it’s scary

“India is ready to transition from 4G to 5G connectivity, but concerns of health risks around the technology persist. One of the biggest worries flagged in Europe is that exposure to some of the frequencies used for 5G technology could possibly lead to cancer….

Globally, there have been concerns over the adverse impact of the 5G technology on human health. In 2021, the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology of the European Parliamentary Research Service that studied the health impact of 5G concluded that frequencies of 450 to 6000 MHz EMF are probably carcinogenic for humans, in particular related to gliomas and acoustic neuromas. “These frequencies clearly affect male fertility and possibly female fertility too. They may have possible adverse effects on the development of embryos, foetuses and new-born,” the panel said.”



From: Marcus Schluschen (name given with permission)
To: rstratton@goldriver.ca, kbegon@goldriver.ca, bpatrick@goldriver.ca, jsinclair@goldriver.ca, mroy@goldriver.ca, “Luke Charlton” <lcharlton@goldriver.ca>, “Fire Chief Gold River John McPherson” <firechief@goldriver.ca>, grbunger@goldriver.ca
Sent: Monday, September 5, 2022 2:36:05 PM
Subject: health risks living near cell towers

Ladies and Gentlemen of Gold River Council,

I am sending two articles, one by Dr. Oberfeld, of Salzburg, Austria, and the other from Health Canada.



Scrutinizing the brain scan by Dr. Gerd Oberfeld MD, you can see for yourself how the human body reacts to man-made radiation fields like cell towers. You might have to enlarge the image for better viewing. WLAN is the European definition for: wireless local area network.

When compared with ‘all disturbances turned off’, shown in the center, it should become clear to anyone that electro-smog emitted 24/7 by cell towers interferes strongly with our natural biology and produces chaos in our brain!

In my last email, I stated the following regarding the current TELUS cell tower radiation levels:

On July 14, 2022, my instruments recorded a whopping 438.000 uW/m2 (microWatts per square meter) near the driveway of Arlene and Richards home (Eagle Crescent), who now sadly is deceased!

To put this into context:

No Concern 0.1 uW/m2, Slight Concern 0.1 – 10, Severe Concern 10 –1000, Extreme Concern 1000 uW/m2!

You will find 438.000 uW/m2 (440.000 uW/m2) near the very top, on the right hand side of the brain scans. Please compare it to the radiation values below that number, and see for yourself that adverse biological effects occur at much, much lower levels.

If you are still doubtful, I invite you to view:
RF Color Charts Summarizing Several Studies – BioInitiative Report 2012   https://bioinitiative.org/rf-color-charts/

The BioInitiative 2012 Report has been prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Among the authors are three former presidents of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, and five full members of BEMS.

Off course it goes without saying that this report, which reviewed 1800 peer-reviewed studies came under vicious attack by industry.
Keep in mind that each study evaluated was previously peer-reviewed, the gold standard of science.

The RF Color Charts summarize many studies that report biological effects and adverse health effects relevant for cell towers.

The radiation levels showing harm to humans and animals are much lower than what I measured at the Gold River cell tower, which lobbyist Brian Gregg is responsible for.

The question you must ask yourself, is it ethical to expose children in their school and the people living near the proposed cell tower, to non-stop radiation which is known to cause harm?

Safety Code 6:
Please also examine the attachment of Health Canada about their notoriously outdated Safety Code 6, which EMF scientists and experts around the world condemned as “non protective”.

Limits of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy in the Frequency Range from 3khz to 300GHz.

What does it say about radiation exposure time? 6 Minutes, not day after day!

Rogers unauthorized 24/7 radiation exposure from their cell tower would exceed this level by a magnitude of 240 X, day in, day out!

Is ISED –  Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, impartial?

How can they? As their very name implies, they are charged to promote industry development, while at the same time they are supposed to oversee and control industry. What Rogers lobbyist, Gregg, will not reveal to you is that ISED, comprised of engineers, does not have any expertise in biology nor medicine.

What is most appalling are the billions of dollars they rake in from Spectrum Airwave Auctions from the telecom industry, while totally disregarding their mandate to oversee this industry, they are supposedly regulating. No one wants to stop the gravy train!

Let me give you an example!
In my position as a certified EMF Radiation Consultant, I was recently part of a Zoom call with highly concerned and informed citizens from Qualicum Beach and ISED’s directors, Rees and Michael Fu. The dispute was over industry lobbyist Brian Gregg, who failed to provide information to residents about TELUS proposed cell tower near the entrance of the town.

Each of these 10 residents provided a written statement to ISED that they did not receive the required information from Brian Gregg, as required by law.
Of course lobbyist Gregg denied everything and claimed he sent information by mail, but could not provide proof nor receipts.

When this was mentioned to both directors, Mr. Michael Fu’s answer was that he believes Mr. Gregg because, wait for it, . . . “he works for many telecom companies!” 10 people’s written statements were dismissed by this government servant, in favour of the lobbyist with a dismal reputation on Vancouver Island.

Like in 2008, when the banking fiasco destroyed many peoples lives because official overseers refused to oversee the highly profitable banking industry, we are witnessing the identical scenario, which will have devastating consequences for us all and the planet we share with others.

Let wisdom and humanity be your guide, and say no to Rogers absurd cell tower proposal!

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen
Cert. EMF Radiation Consultant


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”  Ralph Marston


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