2022-08-29 Overview/medical assessment of EHS

1) A paper geared to demonstrate that WHO requirements for determining causality have been met. After all the studies which duplicate/support the hypothesis that EMR is a causal agent for EHS, and that EMR is dangerous to humans, the WHO has done nothing. A long paper well worth the time. I highly recommend if you read nothing else, read the “Discussion” portion.

Why electrohypersensitivity and related symptoms are caused by non-ionizing man-made electromagnetic fields: An overview and medical assessment

“7. Discussion

By using several biomarkers in the peripheral blood and urine, and suitable cerebral imaging techniques (Irigaray et al., 2018bBelpomme and Irigaray, 2021), we have previously evidenced that EHS is a brain pathological disorder which can be objectively diagnosed and treated. Moreover, it has been shown that, although they differ in their etiology and pathogenesis, both EHS and MCS share a similar clinical and biological signature, so they must be considered medically as parts of a particular unique environmental intolerance-related neurological syndrome….

The data therefore supports the role of man-made EMFs as a causal agent of EHS. In addition, it is clearly demonstrated in different independent studies using provocation tests, that EMFs are noxious for healthy people. Consequently, there are sufficient established facts to strongly recommend protective measures against the present man-made electromagnetic pollution, using the precautionary principle to protect in particular pregnant women, infants, children, teenagers and young adults in all countries worldwide….

Today’s level of scientific knowledge engenders a great ethical responsibility of scientists and governments and of national and international health bodies to uncover the adverse health effects of the increasing man-made EMF exposure and warn on the emerging and growing worldwide EHS and MCS global plagues. This means that suitable public health measures must urgently be taken to recognize EHS and MCS as new pathologies and decrease EMF-exposure.”


2) Re. Psychology Today’s ridiculous, uneducated article that was in Friday’s update. We all should be providing feedback — here is a link:


The author is a psychiatrist whose work is in no way related to biological effects of EMF/EMR. Why Psychology Today accepted this article is beyond belief.

EMF/RF/5G & Psychology Today: Humanity Must Take A Stand Against Ridiculing, Patriarchal, Discriminatory ‘HealthCare’

“The mass culture is being manipulated to address its discomfort by attacking the canaries, whistleblowers, and activists who are identifying areas where society is out of alignment with reality, instead of doing the deep, critical analysis to confront the lies.

The discomfort is a warning. We must develop a skillset for understanding the evolutionary role of the discomfort.

Instead, the industry-controlled mass media is activating and directing the discomfort. The Psychology Today article is but one representation of a deliberate, concerted, insidious effort to scramble the critical thinking skills of readers.”


Mental Health Magazine Mocks Federally Recognized Disability and “Havana Syndrome” Victims Receiving Gov’t Compensation

Joseph M. Pierre, M.D. is a Health Sciences Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and the Acting Chief of Mental Health Community Care Systems at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. His work focuses on the treatment of individuals with severe mental disorders, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, and co-occurring substance use disorders.”


3) Below is a follow-up request for you to spend just a few minutes to help push this effort to stop ISED’s auction of more frequencies to companies for 5G. I haven’t received letters since the first day, which is very discouraging. I know people care about this. Please ask groups you belong to to support this effort, especially ones associated with environment, children, etc.

A template is below. Please copy it or make a short letter of your own and send to ISED by Sept. 5 — that is next Monday. And Dr. Sears would really appreciate it if you would bcc her at:                               info@preventcancernow.ca as well as me at:                                                       citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca.


Thank you for supporting the Suspend 5G Appeal.

We need a moratorium on 5G mm Waves, NOW!

Please Sign up your organization by Sept. 5th

Organizations carry weight and numbers speak loudly: The voices of Canadians were ignored in 2017. We need significantly more organizations and individuals to send in submissions. Together, we can show a greater magnitude of concern and solidarity!

The federal government is planning on releasing the mm Waves (frequencies) to be used in novel 5G technologies WITHOUT any long-term safety testing on humans or the environment. With 1,000’s of small cell antennas to be installed in neighbourhoods, cancer is not the only concern.

There is robust evidence that 3G and 4G exposures can create adverse biological, and cumulative effects which impact people and the environment (including pollinators, migratory birds, 1,000’s of antennas will create 10 x the e-waste, in comparison to wired fiber). 5G antennas will be closer to our homes and carry these additional biologically active signals, which increases our exposures.

Remember asbestos and cigarette smoke, once deemed safe by health authorities and now both classified as known human carcinogens?

We would like you to consider signing up as soon as possible, as our deadline is Sept. 5th.

Please forward this email onto as many organizations and individuals as you possibly can and send in a submission.

Please make a separate submission on behalf of your organization which will be given extra special public record distinction, and encourage your members to write individual, short submissions (even 1 paragraph, would be great! – Word/pdf).

Numbers speak volumes! Let’s boost our submission numbers!

SIGN THE JOINT STATEMENT With Other Organizations:

Organizations and Experts (in the field of bio-electromagnetics), can sign the Joint Statement by emailing this information to: meg@preventcancernow.ca

Please provide:

The organization name,

name of its representative, position,

province, postal code and email address as well (if they exist)

A website and logo.

For those with expertise: your name, degree(s), province, expertise/affiliation and contact information.

You can submit comments to ISED (See orange instructions below), and copy Meg:

1) As an individual – your comments can be short – example letter (must be a pdf or WORD) is below. Open to EVERYONE. please share your submission with Meg (email below).

2) Organizations and experts in the field of bio-electromagnetics can sign the Joint Statement by emailing: meg@preventcancernow.ca


Example/Template letter (SHORT VERSION) ▪ feel free to elaborate – more information to add is provided below. Including personal reasons for submitting comments are also appropriate. Please be respectful.



TO: spectrumauctions-encheresduspectre@ised-isde.gc.ca

SUBJECT LINE of the cover email:  Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 156, Number 25, June 18, 2022, Notice No. SPB-001-22: Consultation on a Policy and Licensing Framework for Spectrum in the 26, 28 and 38 GHz Bands

Wording of cover email:  Please accept the attachment as my comment regarding: Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 156, Number 25, June 18, 2022, Notice No. SPB- 001-22: Consultation on a Policy and Licensing Framework for Spectrum in the 26, 28 and 38 GHz Bands


LETTER (Attach to the email as a pdf or WORD document)

TO: spectrumauctions-encheresduspectre@ised-isde.gc.ca

Date (note- important because this letter will be separated from the cover email.) To: Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED)

I am commenting regarding: Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 156, Number 25, June18, 2022, Notice No. SPB-001-22: Consultation on a Policy and Licensing Framework for Spectrum in the 26, 28 and 38 GHz Bands

I am strongly opposed to the release, by auction or otherwise, of the mm Wave spectrum and ask ISED to place a moratorium on this and all future auctions and releases until the health and safety of Canadians and of the environment is ensured. Please see the following links for how and why this should be done.

I fully support this Joint Statement:


Reasons for my opposition include:



Your Name

Postal code

Email address

If you don’t want your name, etc. to appear on the website, ask for it to be redacted (which they routinely do for private individual submissions). If you are okay with having this information made public, then add that “I give my permission to have my name and email address posted on the ISED comments website”.

* Please copy your submission to:

1) The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, MP <hcminister.ministresc@hc-sc.gc.ca>

2) The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change <ministre-minister@ec.gc.ca>

3) The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, MP, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry <ministerofisi-ministredeisi@ised-isde.gc.ca>

4) Your MP. Search herehttps://www.ourcommons.ca/Members/

END OF LETTER – Remember to send as an attachment that is a pdf or WORD document.

Key Links:





Six reasons for a moratorium on the release of millimetre wave spectrum (mmWaves)


Hundreds of recent scientific reports show harms from “wireless” radiofrequency radiation


2017 consultation on 5G millimetre wave spectrum — What happened then?

Canadian experts and citizens’ groups object to release of mmWave spectrum and call for a moratorium on 5G expansion

ALSO: We’d love to know what you send! Please consider forwarding to: info@preventcancernow.ca

Note: link to ISED’s “Submitting Comments”


Note: if you submitted in 2017, also attach your submission. Even if you did not submit in 2017, you might find some ideas for additional comments here at “Private Individuals”:                    https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf11332.html

This site also has the submissions made by “Industry” and “Other Organizations.”

Thank you for all your support!


Shelley Wright

Let’s protect our environment and biodiversity. Protecting migratory birds, pollinators (bees), plants and animals, from RF (microwave) radiation will support the well-being of future generations.

“Things are only impossible, until someone decides that they’re not”. David Suzuki

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