2022-08-25 100s of studies/reports since 2015 show harm

1) Dr. Meg Sears of Prevent Cancer Now has just put this wonderful spreadsheet on her website. If anyone finds a report or study that has been peer-reviewed, done since 2015, please send to Meg at:


When anyone, a City Council, FortisBC, says there is no evidence of harm, this would be a great reference to send. And this is just since 2015!! There are hundreds more published before 2015.

Hundreds of recent scientific reports show harms from “wireless” radiofrequency radiation

“This spreadsheet lists citations and abstracts/extracts of hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications published since Health Canada’s most recent review of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR), and the Parliamentary Health Committee’s 2015 report.

Excessive heating and resulting changes in behaviour are the adverse effects largely referenced by Health Canada. Nevertheless, independent scientists continue to report serious acute and chronic effects in humans as well as diverse biota, in the absence of excessive temperature increases.”


2) Another fascinating newsletter from Arthur Firstenberg. He begins with a table of biological effects that have been reported at various (many very low) exposure levels. You can compare with Safety Code 6 levels at:


Radio Wave Packet

What You Need to Know about Wireless Technology

“During the 1950s clinics were established in Moscow, Leningrad, and other cities in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to study and treat thousands of workers suffering from a new occupational disease—a disease which was also reported in the United States but which was neither studied nor treated there. The new disease was named radio wave sickness. These patients manufactured, inspected, repaired or operated microwave equipment. Some worked at radar facilities, others for radio or TV stations, or telephone companies. Still others operated radio frequency heaters and sealers being used in an expanding number of industries using technology developed during World War II.

These workers were exposed to microwave radiation only during working hours. And they were exposed to levels of radiation that were less than what the general public is exposed to now for hours per day, or even all the time, from their cell phones and other wireless devices.


3) A new tower proposed by Freedom Mobile for Courtenay. See details:

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Because Courtenay does not have an Antenna Siting Policy, the ISED policy CPC 2-0-03 will apply. People need to be informed so they can participate as much as possible. As more information becomes available, please send to citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca and I will share.

A quick update on the Stop 5G Auction.

So far, I’ve received about 20 letters that people have bcc’d me on that were sent to ISED. I am trying to get permission to share and to figure out the best way to share. They can be very simple — it’s the fact that you cared enough to send one in that matters — NUMBERS matter. I hope that many others have been sent without bcc’ing me and that many more will be. Let’s show ISED that we are aware of and we care about the problems associated with 5G. In case you missed some of the update info last night, here are the links with all the info. Remember, your letter must be sent as an attachment, but don’t ask me why.

Everyone concerned about radiofrequency radiation and the addition of higher frequency spectrum should make a submission by Sept. 6/22.

Joint Statement for groups’ and experts’ sign on                                      (email:   info@preventcancernow.ca)

Six Reasons to Support a Moratorium

Hundreds of recent scientific publications showing harms

What happened with the last consultation, in 2017?


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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