2022-08-12 Cellphone spyware risks

1) Wireless and ‘smart’ devices are subject to hacking and, for years, cybersecurity experts have warned that as more devices become connected via the internet of things, these devices, our data, our security will be even more vulnerable.

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RCMP has been using spyware tools for years and in more cases than previously reported, MPs told

“Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino and senior RCMP officers are defending the national police force’s years-long and previously undisclosed use of spyware—capable of remotely accessing cell phone and computer microphones, cameras and other data—as part of dozens of major investigations.”


RCMP briefed MPs on cellphone spyware risks, foreign interference

“Canada’s national police force has briefed MPs about the risk that foreign states are using sophisticated spyware to intercept their electronic communications, Global News has learned….

Asked what actions the Mounties are taking to protect politicians from electronic eavesdropping, the RCMP said that “on an ad hoc basis in the past” the force has briefed parliamentarians “regarding the vulnerabilities of wireless technologies and smart devices.”

RCMP briefed MPs on cellphone spyware risks, foreign interference


RCMP, CSIS launch investigations into phone spying on Parliament Hill after CBC story -Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Canadian agencies not involved in spying by Catherine Cullen, Peter Zimonjic – CBC News – April 04, 2017:
Someone is spying on cellphones in the nation’s capital – A CBC/Radio-Canada investigation has found cellphone trackers at work near Parliament Hill and embassies by Catherine Cullen, Brigitte Bureau – CBC News – April 03, 2017:


2) I was just told that the Gold River Council, in a town with fewer than 1500 residents, lobbied Rogers to erect another cell tower. There already is a Telus tower which could accommodate a Rogers transmitter, if needed. Why would this lobbying happen? And there has been no public discussion about this by the Council. This truly needs a thorough investigation because this makes no sense.

3) Legislation is proposed in the USA to piggyback fiber optic cable on the electrical grid. As we all know, fibre has so many benefits — faster than wireless can ever be, more secure, safer — but it sounds as if the fiber will not be to and through the home. Instead, the “backhaul” from FOC to the home will be 5G/6G, meaning more microcells, more RF in our environment. The push needs to begin in each community for there to be fiber without any wireless component. Any wireless component increases RF, slows service and is vulnerable to hacking.

GRID Broadband Act seeks to build out middle-mile infrastructure along existing electric grid

““The GRID Broadband Act would utilize our nation’s electric grid system to help build out and deploy broadband, especially in some of the most rural areas of West Virginia with little to no service,” added Capito, who called the bill “a triple win solution for consumers” because it leverages existing rights-of-way and private-sector ingenuity and investment to deliver cleaner electricity, stronger cybersecurity, and more accessible broadband services….

Grant recipients must use the funding to improve cybersecurity and smart grid technology on their electrical grid infrastructure, as well as increase middle-mile broadband capacity, and they must cover at least half of project costs, except for a qualifying not-for-profit utility or Native entity that is providing access to underserved or unserved communities….

“By funding utility fiber deployment, the GRID Broadband Act will support utility operations and promote broadband access, which will stimulate new economic growth opportunities for unserved and underserved communities,” said Osiene-Riggs. “I believe that this legislation will facilitate the high-capacity infrastructure required to support robust, sustainable, and affordable connectivity for grid modernization and zero carbon initiatives, broadband access, as well as 5G/6G backhaul.”

GRID Broadband Act seeks to build out middle-mile infrastructure along existing electric grid



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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