2022-08-05 WindTree electricity

1) A member in Gold River, BC today found a notice in his mailbox for a new Rogers tower in the midst of his neighbourhood. Details are in Letters. More information will be provided as soon as possible. People in that area must organize now — if they are at home.

2) Dr. Martin Pall has reviewed available studies to determine if exposure to EMFs could cause or exacerbate neurological conditions such as depression — and he believes it can. Dr. Martha Herbert has found that autistic children benefit significantly from being removed from environments high in EMF.         (https://ehtrust.org/key-issues/cell-phoneswireless/autism-adhd-wireless-electromagnetic-fields/)

Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression

“In summary, then, the mechanism of action of microwave EMFs, the role of the VGCCs in the brain, the impact of non-thermal EMFs on the brain, extensive epidemiological studies performed over the past 50 years, and five criteria testing for causality, all collectively show that various non-thermal microwave EMF exposures produce diverse neuropsychiatric effects.”


3) The “WindTree” is made and has been in use in France for some years. I’ve provided a link to an article from Dec. 2018 below. It would be great to have one that can take advantage of the wind that blows all year instead of being dependent upon solar on those rainy winter days — and reduce our dependence on BC Hydro.

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This Tree-Shaped Wind Turbine Silently Generates Electricity

“This nature-inspired wind turbine is designed like a tree to silently generate green energy using its micro-turbine leaves.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktI03qWaPWA   (3:20 min.)

More information is available on their website:


After seeing this article about a WindTree being installed in Arizona, I wrote to ask if WindTree is operating in North America or if this was just an experiment. I was told that they are available and more have been installed. 3 more are being installed in September in Seattle, Indianapolis and Monterey. There is a possibility that Toronto and/or New Brunswick will have some soon. They also sent a brochure (at link below).  I’ve asked to be kept informed.

The French Wind Tree is Coming To The U.S. (from 2018)




Aeroleaf Technology – New World Wind

https://newworldwind.com/en/aeroleaf-en/    and https://newworldwind.com/en/wind-tree/


Bell, Rogers, Telus – https://www.cellcoveragecanada.com/bc/gold-river

“The Roger cell tower notification is dated Aug. 1, 2022, at a time, when many are vacationing. Issued by Site Path Consulting, Brian Gregg.
This timing is by no accident, but is well planned to encounter less resistance. Many people are away!


Proposed Rogers, cell tower location: 549 Eagle Crescent, Gold River , BC.
File: W6689

Cell tower height: 40 meter, lattice, self support lattice tower.
This cell tower will sit on the edge of a small mountain, surrounded by homes, in residential area, across from a school. A Telus cell tower is located very close to it.

The notification is written in tiny fonts, and I had to use a magnifier to be able to make out anything! It contains 4 photos, which are minute, and only decipherable through a magnifying glass. Due to its minute size, no one I met was able to understand it. It actually reqired a magnifier to be able to identify anything! On purpose? Off course!

Ethically, Brian Gregg should have made everything easily legible.”


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”    Mark Twain




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