2022-08-03 5G — Why size matters

1) Dr. Om Gandhi explains here why the millimeter frequencies planned to be used as part of 5G is so dangerous, especially for insects. It was Dr. Gandhi’s earlier research that showed that cell phone radiation decreases 10-30% (his earlier draft said 10-15%) for each millimeter the phone is from the head or body. It was this statistic that lead to the statement that 90% of the phones in the report I obtained from ISED exceeded Safety Code 6.

Why size matters

“An insect with a slightly longer body would absorb most radiation at lower 5G frequencies and one with a shorter body would absorb most at higher 5G frequencies.

This helps explain why 5G signals have had such a devastating effect on wildlife, for example on the Greek island of Samos, as reported in our recent blog. It also explains why a decline in bee populations has been observed worldwide and why 5G technologies pose such a threat to agricultural industries that rely on these pollinators.”


2) Some media attention to the protests on Salt Spring Island. An update is below in Letters, with a request to answer the poll question shown in the article with a NO.

Protests Against Rogers Cell Tower Construction To Continue, Says Neighbourhood Group

“We will continue to protest to educate people, we will continue to press our local Trust committee to do what they are charged with doing,” Clark said. “This is a much bigger issue . . . than a cell tower. We’re now talking about a poor corporate citizen coming to Salt Spring and not fulfilling our requirements and just bullying their way forward.”



3) Dr. Marc Arazi and his Phonegate team continue to be a thorn in the side of the French agency that is comparable to ISED. The link he provided below is one that I shared a couple of weeks ago, but when I shared it, I hadn’t read Dr. Arazi’s book in which he reported that software updates are basically useless, a sham that results in poor quality that leads to people having to buy new phones. Details of this were circulated by Phonegate in the article below from April 2019. ISED allows companies to do a “software update”, too, in an effort to seem to be doing something to protect the public. This too is a sham.

“Dear supporter,

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Pro has been pinned by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) for exceeding SAR. But the manufacturer waited 18 months to implement the software update; In addition, Xiaomi is a multi-recidivist who does not care about the respect of the health of its customers. Learn more and see the updated list of 34 models dangerous to health :


Please share widely !

The Team”

Phonegate: criminal complaint against Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi

“Not only is it the consumer’s responsibility to make the update in order to reduce the SAR of his phone and not to put himself in danger, but also the capacities of his mobile phone are considerably reduced, which is in fact equivalent to programmed obsolescence.


4) Our friend and colleague in Quebec, Mr. Jean Hudon, has an excellent facebook and website where he summarizes “developments”. His site is available in English and he updates it regularly. There are archives of articles going back 10 years. A major history of our battles since 2012.

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Quebec Coalition to Combat Electromagnetic Pollution

https://www.cqlpe.ca/#DR     Scroll down about 1/3 of the way for “Developments in 2022”


From: “Team CROC” <teamcrocssi@gmail.com>
To: “Team CROC” <teamcrocssi@gmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 3, 2022 6:52:58 PM
Subject: August 3 Rogers Tower Update – Progress with Elizabeth May and Driftwood Poll!

Good evening!

Another successful day protesting the Rogers cell tower at Channel Ridge. In addition to the 10 or so nearby residents that have become more or less a constant presence, we were joined today by 10 other supporters who hung out with us for various different lengths of time. We were able to hold the line between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. No Rogers contractors came to the site today, and had they we would have ensured they wouldn’t have gotten access to the site. We can’t thank those of you who joined us enough. Your presence and participation is inspiring and helps us to keep Rogers away. We will be there again tomorrow!

Meanwhile, we have heard from Elizabeth May’s constituent office. They have taken an interest in ISED’s May 17th letter and our allegation that the letter was written without adhering to the federal dispute resolution regulations and was negotiated by individuals that were in a conflict of interest. Our MP and her team are following up on our letter to the Honourable Minister Champagne asking that he review ISED’s actions in producing that May 17th letter.

We continue to wait for the LTC to respond to that May 17th ISED letter and provide ISED with the numerous, valid rationale for rescinding the concurrence decision at their March 22, 2022 regular meeting. In the event LTC have not sent that letter by their next meeting on Tuesday, August 9th, we would like to have a strong presence at the meeting, possibly protesting outside the venue location from 11am until 12 noon, and then joining the meeting to speak during the town hall segment beginning at approximately 12:30pm. More to come on this but please make a note in your calendar if there’s any chance you can join us!

Lastly, the Driftwood news has written articles on the protest, both in the paper issued today and in their online presence yesterday evening. It is clear that the Driftwood is trying to present a balanced view, and is sometimes a little off on their statements – for example, today’s paper headline refers to a government approved site?? Approved by who? ISED simply stated they don’t support the LTC rescindment – they didn’t say they approve the site! However, the articles keep the story alive, and keep the pressure on the LTC and Rogers. So for that we are thankful.

And we have a small favour to ask: The Driftwood have posed the following question for this week’s poll – “Do you think the Channel Ridge Rogers cell tower should go ahead?” PLEASE RESPOND with a resounding NO by casting your ballot online at https://www.gulfislandsdriftwood.com   before 2:00 pm next Monday.

To find the Driftwood “Question of the week” poll, go to https://www.gulfislandsdriftwood.com and on the right side of the page, scroll down a bit, and you’ll see the poll. It’s circled in red in this attached image so you can find it more easily!

And here is the link to the online article published yesterday: https://www.gulfislandsdriftwood.com/news/protests-against-rogers-cell-tower-construction-to-continue-says-neighbourhood-group/

As always, thanks for your support!



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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