2022-07-27 Base stations in space for 5G, other satellite news

1) Problems are occurring in the UK with smeters for reasons ranging from inconsistencies between the readings on the in-home monitor and the billing to apparent inadequate Wi-Fi signals for the smeter data to reach the connector. It sure would be interesting to see what problems BC Hydro is seeing. Perhaps it’s time for a Freedom of Information request about this.

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Smart meter fury: Millions of devices rendered ‘utterly useless’– inaccurate readings grow

“SMART METERS have become commonplace in households across the UK, but millions have been rendered “utterly useless” amid reports of inaccurate readings.

“Witenergy prices soaring in the past few months, thousands of Brits have turned to smart meters to help manage spending. But users across the UK are reporting inaccurate readings to their suppliers, causing them to manually take readings instead.”


2) A couple of members have shared some maps and schedules for satellites that are in orbit. Some have reported seeing lines of satellites as they try to enjoy the night’s sky.

See this satellite location site:


The satellite images move over time.
See all of the lines of Starlink at about 351 km.
Hover over image and see name and altitude.

Here’s a Schedule for viewing them:


Here’s another interesting one, takes a while to load up:


3) And speaking of satellites, here are some new ways that they will be part of an ever-increasing RF level in our environment — Starlink dishes on cars and PLANES! (more radiation for pilots!!), potentially exceeding even the dangerous “guidelines” for exposure limits. It took only 16 months to approve Starlink internet on moving vehicles — as usual, without any health studies to determine safety.

FCC approves SpaceX’s Starlink earth terminals for moving vehicles. Tesla shows Starlink on a trailer with solar panels in Germany

” SpaceX started pursuing an FCC license to run its satellite broadband Starlink internet on vehicles, ships, and planes in motion last year. It took around 16 months for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) International Bureau to grant a blanket authorization to SpaceX Starlink….

This license is important to allow SpaceX to provide on-the-go broadband internet for people during their travel journeys. In addition to the large commercial transportation sector (planes, ships, vessels), the retail customer will also be able to use Starlink while traveling in their trucks and recreational vehicles (RVs).”


New Starlink Dishes For Cars, Planes To Carry Radiation Hazard Warning

“The filing also details Starlink’s plans for providing internet coverage on commercial airplanes, with SpaceX aiming to provide coverage on U.S.-registered aircraft flying worldwide and non-U.S. aircraft in American airspace. Starlink will coordinate with the local administrations to determine operating parameters and adhere to frequency and spectrum rules for the former use case.

The other set of terminals are for ‘occupational’ use, and their near field and antenna surface power densities stand at 1.57 mW/cm² and 2.12 mW/cm², respectively. For these terminals, SpaceX personnel will install them on the desired locations, and the terminals will feature a radiation hazard warning showing regions where the radiation exceeds the maximum radiation limit.”


Ericsson and friends muscle in on direct-to-satellite 5G

“Swedish vendor Ericsson has partnered with chip maker Qualcomm and defence giant Thales to help it conquer a new frontier of space-based comms.

That frontier is direct-to-satellite 5G connectivity, or 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) to put it in 3GPP terminology. It’s exciting because it promises to enable off-the-shelf cellular devices to get a connection in the most remote locations without help from any ancillary equipment on Terra firma. No ground stations, no satellite phones, no terrestrial network; just a handset connected to a base station installed on a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite.”

https://telecoms.com/516413/ericsson-and-friends-muscle-in-on-direct-to-satellite-5g/    (See comment below article with warning re. health.)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”     Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




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