2022-07-26 EHS interview and new report

1) Patti and Doug Wood of Americans for Responsible Technology interview Susan and Scott, starting about 15 min. into this 34 min. blog. A significant portion is devoted to smeters and the dangers they pose. The battle to remove or to prevent smeters continues in many places. Who knows…. maybe with a new Premier we will be able to have our concerns addressed and the Clean Energy Act (smeters plus Site C) revisited.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Wireless Radiation – Part I
with Susan Foster and Scott McCullough

“Medical writer and EMS advocate Susan Foster and noted telecommunications attorney W. Scott McCullough join Patti and Doug on today’s Green Street Radio show to discuss electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) to radiofrequency radiation, what can trigger the symptoms, how exposure is impacting a growing number of people, and what is being done for those who are suffering.”


2) Dr. Marc Arazi, one of the founding members of A.R.I.E.M., announces the publication of a major report on EHS which calls on governments and agencies to declare EHS an environmental disease/health problem associated with exposure to EMF.

EHS and its associated symptoms are caused by non-ionizing artificial electromagnetic fields

“Through an extensive scientific review, the researchers demonstrate that there is sufficient reliable and consistent scientific evidence to date to acknowledge EHS as a new neurological condition caused by EMF exposure.

This article comes after important research work published by the same researchers with 30 other international contributors in the field of medical research, which discusses the significance of biological markers developed to drive unbiased knowledge forward in the field and monitor patients.”


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The complete report that includes discussion of many specific studies that have been done over many years.

Why electrohypersensitivity and related symptoms are caused by non-ionizing man-made electromagnetic fields: An overview and medical assessment

“Much of the controversy over the cause of electrohypersensitivity (EHS) lies in the absence of recognized clinical and biological criteria for a widely accepted diagnosis. However, there are presently sufficient data for EHS to be acknowledged as a distinctly well-defined and objectively characterized neurologic pathological disorder. Because we have shown that 1) EHS is frequently associated with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) in EHS patients, and 2) that both individualized disorders share a common pathophysiological mechanism for symptom occurrence; it appears that EHS and MCS can be identified as a unique neurologic syndrome, regardless their causal origin.


3) Below is a link to the United Healthcare Summit by Health Freedom Unmuzzled that took place on July 16. The video is more than 9 hrs. long featuring many speakers addressing many topics which are listed below the video. Dr. Rubik, in her intro, mentions one speaker who had said that EMF was number 2 on the list of causal effects for autism.

The Perils of Wireless Communication Radiation: Our Health, the Environment, and Personal Solutions
Presenter: Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.; Biophysicist, Author, Professor

“In this presentation, you will learn what 5G entails; how it can impact our health and the environment; and some practical ways in which we can protect ourselves. Dr. Rubik will especially focus on the scientific evidence for adverse biologic effects and explain how this radiation impacts human biology at all levels.”

https://rumble.com/v1cf67t-united-healthcare-summit-saturday.html         (Dr. Rubik from ~6:39:00-7:45:00)



From: “Sharon Noble”
To: “letters” <letters@timescolonist.com>
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Subject: Rogers’ outage, a preview of the future

The inability to access 911 during Rogers’ outage was frightening, even potentially deadly. But we can learn from it.

Right now Telus, the only telephone company that has copper lines for landline service, is cutting the copper lines and replacing them with fibre optic cable (FOC). FOC is wonderful. It is many times faster than wireless will ever be for internet and is a much more secure way to transmit data. But it is dependent upon electricity. This means that phone service via FOC, too, is totally dependent on electricity. A battery that is provided will allow service to continue for a while but, in the event of a prolonged outage, when the battery dies, there will be no phone service.

When I raised this issue with CRTC and Telus, they said people will then use cell phones. What if there is no cell phone, the cell phone is not charged, or the cell tower’s service is out? Total inability to call family members or even 911. According to CRTC’s policy, all telephone companies must provide 911 service as part of their licensing requirement. In response to my questions, CRTC and Telus said to buy more batteries (which are not cheap) or a generator.

People are not being told that they are losing their good, dependable landline, or that they must take steps to ensure they can reach 911 during outages. With increasingly frequent weather extremes, outages will become more frequent and longer.

Why is this being allowed to happen to a basic, life-sustaining utility? Thanks to Rogers, we now appreciate the ramifications.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”   Ralph Marston



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