2022-06-28 Summaries of 30 years of research

1) I just started to read my copy and I am surprised to learn about all that Dr. Arazi has gone through to get this information out to the world. The telecom industry is being allowed to mislead and expose its customers to levels of cell phone radiation that exceed even the least stringent guidelines. Soon you will learn more about what I found out about the situation here in Canada. I hope you’ll consider supporting Dr. Arazi’s and Phonegate’s efforts by buying this book and telling your friends about it.

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The eBook Phonegate in English is now available

“The Phonegate eBook can now be ordered in more than 13 countries, including India, Mexico, Brazil and the US. A great opportunity to give more international visibility to this health scandal that affects the 5 billion cell phone users.”


2) Dr. Arazi and Phonegate are nothing if not persistent in their demands that ANSES (the French equivalent to Health Canada) make public information and comments provided regarding cell phones and microwave radiation. Legal action has been started.

Appeal against the 5G Report: ANSES adopts the strategy of silence

“…  ANSES therefore persists in not wanting to make public our contributions that would be likely to call into question the conclusions of its report as well as the impartiality of its work.

By acting in this way and by remaining silent, the agency also shows a certain contempt for the work that our citizen associations are doing to protect the health of users.”


3) I have not listened to this interview, but Cece’s are always very interesting. A member highly recommended this one, especially for those becoming educated on this topic.

Reducing Your Risk Of Wireless Radiation Exposure with Cecelia Doucette of Massachusetts for Safe Technology

https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/shows/tea-time   (1:06 hours)

4) Andre Fauteux has shared his newsletter which has some new and very interesting articles. You can subscribe to this at a link at the bottom. I found this of special significance, with important statistics for us to use. Dr. Lai is a scientific hero.

Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields: Thirty years of research

“Dr. Henry Lai, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington and Editor Emeritus of the journal, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, has compiled 1,962 summaries of the research on the biologic and health effects of exposure to RFR and ELF EMF. His set of abstracts which cover the period from 1990 to April 2022

Overall, 76% (n=796) of 1,046 radio frequency radiation (RFR) studies reported significant effects. Additionally, 88% (n=810) of 916 extremely low frequency (ELF) and static electromagnetic field studies found significant effects.

Overall, 82% (n=1,608) studies of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields reported significant biologic effects.

Details : Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields: Thirty years of research

EMF News June 27 2022

https://acvz.omnicamp1.com/view/62b9d28afc794b001af47bcb/60db92aeb211cd7ebb0021bc   or   https://tinyurl.com/2p9et7pu


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”    Martin Luther King, Jr.




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