2022-06-13 Telus wants new cell tower in Duncan

1) I’ve received word from some people today that Telus wants to put another cell tower in Duncan, BC. I have few details except meetings are ongoing with the landowner.

If anyone has more information to share, please send to me at citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “Duncan cell tower” on the subject line. Things can move quickly so people need to get word out ASAP.

2) Good news. Connected Coast is connecting remote coastal BC communities to fiber optic cable for fast, reliable, safe and secure internet, in partnership with the community.

If anyone knows what type of Optical Network Terminal (ONT) — the box that converts the optical signal to electrical — is being used, would you please email me at citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “ONT” on the subject line.

Lax Kw’alaams – First Community to Receive Services via the Connected Coast

“CityWest officially launched Internet services in Lax Kw’alaams last Friday June 10th. This marks the first community along the Connected Coast to receive services from the subsea fibre-optic cable.

In January, fibre was laid from Prince Rupert to Lax Kw’alaams, and connected by a shore landing, providing the backbone infrastructure necessary for faster, more reliable Internet services.

CityWest and the Lax Kw’alaams band jointly entered into a unique partnership agreement, creating a new company, CityWest LKB Communications Corp. The agreement will see CityWest take over the infrastructure in Lax Kw’alaams to provide Internet and TV services to residents and businesses. This unique partnership agreement will see a portion of the profits from services in Lax Kw’alaams reinvested into the band, while also giving community members more influence over their connectivity needs.

Lax Kw’alaams – First Community to Receive Services via the Connected Coast


3) Airtags are small and are sold as aids in finding lost items like wallets. But they can easily be used for nefarious purposes as well.

Here’s How Thieves Are Using the New Apple AirTag to Track & Steal Your Car

https://youtu.be/KJIbrT7QWhE    (15:35 min.)

4) This YouTube should be sent to every girl and woman who ever tucks her cellphone in her bra.

Margot Shaw’s Breast MRI Reveals 4-Inch Tumor Where She Kept Her Cell Phone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvFUMicGyi0      (31 sec.)


One of our members sent this amazing letter and the prior one to every MP saying:

“The letters below from Mr. Schlussen reveal that our governments repeatedly are not listening to the concerns of those who are educated, regarding the harms of electromagnetic radiation. Please read them and let me know what you, as representatives of the people, are going to do to exercise your duties to protect us from the unchecked proliferation of electromagnetic radiation.”

I believe that the most effective way to communicate with MPs is by sending individual emails. Many people react differently to receiving a group email. Email addresses are available on our website www.stopsmartmetersbc.com under “contacts“.

(click on photo to enlarge)


From: Marcus Schluschen (name given with permission)
To: “susan hart2” <susan.hart2@canada.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 5:17:17 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint: Michael Fu, Brian Ries, Brian Gregg, Gold River and Qualicum Beach TELUS cell towers

Dear Ms. Hart,

I sent you this email complaint (below), dated April, 20, 2022, and so far received no response from you, nor anyone else.
There appears to be an endemic disdain among senior public servants to answer uncomfortable correspondence from the public, even though the wireless industry meets regularly with government officials, twice daily, while we are denied any true access to public officials, nor are we deemed worthy of civil dialog.

Please be so kind and extend the courtesy of a proper reply to me, but not ISED’s usual disrespectful pat on the head, for the blissfully uninformed, claiming that all is well and that there is nothing to worry about.

ISED is sending out shockingly bold and misleading statement of assurances of safety, considering that our federal governmental agencies failed again and again, to provide any long term peer-reviewed scientific evidence, to deeply concerned scientists, doctors, and the public, that cell towers and the blanketing of every corner of our existence with biologically active radiation is safe for us and the environment we share this world with. No evidence was ever provided, despite repeated requests of transparency, which includes this writer.
A 3 week mouse study, by Health Canada’s industry friendly Mr. McNamee, cannot be considered ‘science’, as any first year medical student will attest to.

I am a certified EMF Consultant, educated through a European medical clinic, whose number one protocol is reduced e-smog pollution in their patients’ home and workplace. Their spectacular success rate of healing patients far exceeds any other clinic, as was confirmed in two extensive studies by Prof. Knoblauch – University of Konstanz, commissioned by the German Government.

Their patients come from all corners of the globe, such as medical doctors, engineers, bankers, and even IT professionals. Many of these patients were under “doctors care” for years, and spent fortunes trying to regain their health without any success.

One of these patients, a young Australian engineer, spent huge sums of money in the world best medical clinics but, like all engineers, he was enamored with wireless technologies. Little did he know that this blind devotion to wireless technologies was the main factor of his poor health, which rendered him unable to walk despite all the money he spent on “medical experts”. His own words: “I crawled on the floor, through my house!

The main source of his problem turned out to be the chronic radiation exposure, emitted by his wireless devices and powerful router, which rendered him an invalid. The medical clinic’s EMF consultant, who visited his home, advised for the immediate removal of all radiation emitting devices, which resulted in a rapid return to good health and complete healing of this patient. He was so impressed that he himself became an EMF consultant through this medical clinic, which was able to heal him completely, where all others have failed, which included some of the world’s top medical clinics.

1. No informed consent: is a breach of human rights, and the Nuremburg Code.
www.5gappeal.eu/ signed by 422 scientists and physicians as of March 18, 2022!

Canadians were never informed of the 1,000s of peer-reviewed published scientific papers demonstrating biological damage at non-thermal levels, far below Canada’s outdated [Safety Code] Code 6. This constitutes a clear violation of the fiduciary duty of ISED’s managers, directors, and Mr. François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, as well as Health Canada, to protect the public from harm.

Why is ISED, as well as Health Canada, failing to inform the public of the peer-reviewed science, causing biological damage?

My dear wife, who used to work in the engineering office of Telus, suffered for 12 years, from man induced, wireless radiation sensitivity even though we did not have a single wireless device in our home. It completely shattered our lives!

Why are harmful radiation technologies imposed on the public, without any informed consent on the public, in violation of human rights and the Nuremburg Code?

Such egregious behavior is expected in third world dictatorships, but certainly not in Canada by its public servants!

2. No safety limits: Canada’s safety limits are set millions of times too high for biological protection, according to the latest long term, peer-reviewed science. The obsolete Code 6 was contrived 3 decades ago by engineers and industry. No one in government considered inviting medical doctors nor bio physicists to the table to explain to these engineers how pulsed radiation impacts life on a cellular level.
This is a classic example of “amateur hour” in Canada, or simply naked monetary might of industry.

I am awaiting your response Ms. Hart, but please be so kind and spare us both the indignity of ISED’s scripted response.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen
Cert. EMF Consultant


From: Marcus Schluschen
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2022 6:42 PM
To: susan.hart2@canada.ca
Subject: Complaint: Michael Fu, Brian Ries, Brian Gregg, Gold River and Qualicum Beach TELUS cell towers

April, 20, 2022

Att: Susan Hart,
ISED, Director General, Spectrum Management Operations

Michael Fu, Manager, West.Region, Spectrum ISED
Brian Ries, Operations Manager ISED.
Brian Gregg, Sitepath Consulting

Dear Mrs. Hart,

My previous efforts to communicate with Mr. Michael Fu and Mr. Brian Ries were completely ignored, as both public servants appear not see fit to reply to my letters, nor the reminder I have sent. To be clear, I have not received a single response from either one of them.

I also want to bring the manipulative and highly unethical methods of telecom lobbyist, Mr. Brian Gregg, of Sitepath Consulting, to your attention.

For your benefit, I include the same 3 images, which I previously sent to Mr. Fu and Mr. Ries.
The outrageous disconnect between the artist rendering, which Mr. Gregg provided to Gold River, and the ugly reality which TELUS imposed on the unsuspecting residents of Gold River, should make any ISED manager cringe and deeply upset. This is not a mistake, but deliberate public deception by Sitepath Consulting. If Sitepath is unable to conduct business in a fair, open and honest way, their license should be revoked.

Incredibly, Mr. Fu, nor Mr. Ries, consider such grotesque public manipulation offensive. Instead, Mr. Fu expressed in a Zoom Meeting with Dr. Fred and Carol Dowe, as well as biologist, Karen Specht, of Qualicum Beach, that he has full confidence in Mr. Gregg, because, . . . he works for many telecom companies. ????

In Qualicum Beach, Mr. Gregg failed to provide notifications to 10 residents whose homes are located directly below and near the massive proposed Telus celltower.
When they attempted to contact Mr. Gregg, as Mr. Fu and Ries suggested, he simply ignored them, and when they wrote to Mr. Fu and Mr. Ries, they, just like Mr. Gregg also ignored their letters, in which they requested that the process be put on hold, until proper process is followed, which was conveniently omitted by Mr. Gregg. All 10 homeowners submitted in writing, that none of them received notification by Mr. Gregg.
Mrs. Specht, whose home will be directly below the immense cell tower, told Mr. Fu and Ries repeatedly, that she has not received any notification from Sitepath Consulting, but she was stoically ignored by both ISED managers.

When ISED’s Mr. Fu and Ries, conduct Zoom meetings with highly concerned and informed citizens, they cannot simply go through the motions in order to claim public consultation, and in the end ignore the people they are supposed to serve, as they have a fiduciary duty to act in their best interest, in an honest and transparent manner.

As you will read in my attached emails, below, which remain unanswered to this day, the issue of Telus’s Gold River cell tower, and its extreme microwave radiation emissions, also remain unanswered.

To put this excessive radiation into perspective for you, the microwave radiation level, which I measured with a brand new, lab certified, radio frequency meter, is equal to being 2 inches away from the base station of a Panasonic – Bluetooth, DECT phone, which are notorious for excessive radiation emissions.
There are little children playing in those front yards, and this no different than if they had the DECT phone strapped to their little bodies. We are not only dealing with exposure to one part of the body, like the head, in a short phone call, which is bad enough, but constant and extreme, full body radiation exposure of a child!
If you have a child or grandchildren, would you want them to live in this radiation soup, knowing that hundreds of documents exist, which illustrate adverse health effects to humans, at radiation levels far, far below Canada’s scientifically obsolete, Code 6?

The person who lives on top of the hill, mentioned in my letter below, wants to see action by ISED to correct this travesty, due to the constitutional right to personal safety.
If no insurance company will touch Telus with a ten foot pole, which even large insurance underwriters like Swiss-Re, refuse to support, because of insurance industry radiation risk analysis, Telus, nor ISED, is in no position to assure long term safety to anyone.

Please read my unanswered letter, below.
Since I have waited a long time to hear from ISED, I respectfully ask for your response.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen
Cert. EMF Consultant


Sharon Noble,  Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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