2022-05-12 Verizon sues Pittsfield’s Board of Health

1) It was inevitable that Verizon would fight the Board of Health’s ban because if this should hold, a very dangerous precedent for the telecom industry would be set. The Telecom Act in the USA is very much like the ISED’s policy which disallows banning of cell towers due to health or property values. In fact, ISED has been known to argue that these topics cannot even be discussed at City Council meetings. Verizon is hiding behind the FCC guideline just as Telus hides behind Safety Code 6. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, given that the FCC guidelines are under attack at the current time.


“Verizon claims that federal law, the Telecommunications Act (TCA) of 1996 prohibits state and local governments from regulating cell towers based on health effects from radio-frequency emissions so long as the radiation levels comply with the Federal Communications Commission regulations.”

Verizon Files Legal Action Against Pittsfield Board of Health for Cell Tower Emergency Order


Verizon’s Legal Filing


2) Parents address Wi-Fi in school, student’s depression and inability to concentrate at school. As discussed before, Wi-Fi is not needed in schools but School Board Trustees have the authority to have Wi-Fi installed, even in kindergarten classrooms, without telling the parents of the risks, without consideration of the health of teachers or children.

I hope parents who see this video will prepare to take action for the next school year. This is a very urgent issue that few people know about. Begin to organize, write to Trustees and demand that they do their jobs which is to ensure a safe learning environment. Fiber optic cable is a far superior option in every way. Why is Wi-Fi the option favored by School Boards? Is there a bias?

HIGH Wifi Levels in Schools and Depression

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9-LS7nDQNw  (10 min.)

3) A free webinar to discuss cybersecurity in the world of Internet of Things where billions of devices, including appliances, utility smeters, cars, etc. are all sharing data of a personal/financial nature. Registration is required. FYI, this is sponsored by Microsoft.

Industry 4.0
Safety and security in a connected world


Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Start Smart Meters

“Evidence of health hazard is here since IARC 2011. It surely was enough time to introduce new safety standards and Precautionary Principle.”      Dariusz Leszczynski


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