2022-05-03 Fiber optic cable reaches Hartley Bay

1) An article by Dr. Cindy Russell, executive director of Physicians for Safe Technology. She gives details and updates the effort in Pittsfield, MA to have the Verizon tower removed. The problems these people have faced sound very similar to those in Qualicum Beach. The major difference is that, in Pittsfield, the Board of Health was willing to be educated on the topic of RF and to take action.

Here, in BC and in Canada, we have no such support from those whose job it is to protect us. Our Minister of Health and our Provincial Health Officers turn a blind eye to what is happening and a deaf ear to our pleas for help and demonstrations of evidence. It truly is shameful that Health Canada is so irresponsible and gives cover to our provincial authorities to do the same thing — nothing. Dr. Russell provides a lot of information that could be very handy in fighting cell towers in every community including many letters, videos, and references that can be used to support discussions with MLAs, MPs, doctors, Councils, etc.

Board of Health Issues Emergency Order for Verizon to Cease and Desist in Pittsfield Massachusetts Cell Tower Battle

“The telecom industry and the government agencies that are controlled by them have little regard for an honest examination of the multiple issues connected with the infrastructure and use of wireless communications and digital technology including, health and environmental harm, massive energy consumption abolishing climate change mitigations, privacy and surveillance, interference with aviation and weather forecasting, insurance liability, conflict minerals and weaponization that threaten human and planetary health.”



2) Another tragic story of someone suffering from MCS, among other chronic problems, who is asking to be allowed to die because she cannot find a place to live where she will not be exposed to chemicals and pollutants. She said getting agreement to allow her to die has been easier than finding a home.

Woman with disabilities nears medically assisted death after futile bid for affordable housing

“A 31-year-old Toronto woman who uses a wheelchair is nearing final approval for a medically assisted death request after a fruitless bid to secure an affordable apartment that doesn’t worsen her chronic illnesses….

She was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), which triggers rashes, difficulty breathing, and blinding headaches called hemiplegic migraines that cause her temporary paralysis.”


3) Fiber optic cable and the fastest internet possible has reached another BC community.

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Connected Coast Project Arrives at Hartley Bay

“The Connected Coast project continues to lay fibre-optic cables across Northern B.C. allowing households and businesses to have high speed communication services for the first time. The project has now reached the remote village of Hartley Bay with over 250 kilometres of subsea fibre laid to date, a project made possible with funding from the provincial and federal governments….

When complete, the project will touch approximately 90,000 households in rural and remote communities around B.C., stretching 3,400 kilometres – about the distance from Vancouver to Ottawa. Laid in an environmentally-friendly manner on the ocean floor, it will be one of the longest coastal subsea networks in the world.”


4) Below is a brilliant letter in response to a proposal for a cell tower in Duncan. There is just one thing I would recommend adding and that is requiring Telus’s commitment to being fully liable for any lawsuit brought relating to harm suffered by exposure to the RF emitted from the transmitters on the cell tower. If someone sues, the government indemnifies the telecoms so long as the emissions are within Safety Code 6 limits but the landowner, who rents the property to the telecom, is not protected. And being unable to obtain insurance, that individual is financially and legally liable.



TO: Brian Carruthers dba BRIAN CARRUTHERS, Chief Administrative Officer,
Cowichan Valley Regional District

175 Ingram Street, Duncan, BC, V9L 1N8

Date: April 11, 2022


I am writing to accept the proposal to install a Telus Communications Facility in Sahtlam at a privately owned property on the North side of Tipperary Road and to the East of Hanks Road, Duncan, BC upon fulfillment of the following conditions:

1. That you provide proof satisfactory to us that there is no evidence that the radiation produced by such technology harms biological life in any way.

2. That you provide proof that you are exempt from the requirements and agreements set out in the Nuremberg, UN, Geneva Convention and other war crimes prevention accords.

3. That the measured radiation anywhere on the property known as xxxxx Road does not increase beyond the current measured background level of 0.0001 mW/m2.

4. That you agree to be liable in your public and private capacities for any increase above the current measured background level of radiation (0.0001 mW/m2) anywhere on the property known as xxxxxx Road at the rate of $100,000 (adjusted for inflation) per day per 0.0001 mW/m2 of increase, and that you further agree that this sum is due and payable within 7 days of each measured increase, and that failing payment in full within the prescribed time period, measures such as, but not limited to, seizure of your private property, including but not limited to land and real property, to go toward payment of your bill, will occur immediately.

You are required to respond within ten (10) days to each point set out in the conditional acceptance, in detail, with wet ink signature, and under penalty of perjury. Failure by you to respond to each condition fully, within the prescribed time period, will deem you to fall into automatic default.

With kind regards,



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”     Nelson Mandela



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